Bechtle Global IT Alliance (GITA).

Is your business global? Ours is, too. With Bechtle offices already serving customers in 14 European countries, we decided to reach beyond continental borders. Since 2014, we’ve forged an IT alliance with eleven solid partners on all continents, ensuring the same Bechtle quality around the world. Each partner was carefully selected to meet our high service, process and portfolio standards.

Our shared goal is to provide customers with a full range of global services no matter where they’re located.

Compucentro Microware

Since opening the doors of our first international subsidiary in 1996, Bechtle has pursued an ongoing globalisation strategy. Today we operate offices in 14 European countries, driven in large part by the foundation of new subsidiaries, but also through acquisitions. In the meantime, we’ve added another aspect to our strategy by creating an alliance of—currently eleven—strong partners around the world. The purpose of the alliance is to meet the increasing demand by global businesses for comprehensive customer support around the world. In short, we’ve embarked on a promising journey, with our future growth spurred by more international subsidiaries and additions to our global alliance.

Delivering consistent quality.

Global companies don’t want to waste their time looking for individual IT providers for each of their international offices. By offering a network of carefully selected partners, GITA takes this task off their hands. We meet several times leading up to our cooperation agreements, allowing us to review our potential partner’s portfolio, online shop and service quality in depth. Subsequent pilot projects then give Bechtle the opportunity to observe everything from service quality to processes first hand. Our primary focus throughout the selection process is on maintaining the high service quality that customers expect, worldwide. “Skill and speed are not the only aspects we consider. We also pay attention to cultural values like reliability and determination. These are important criteria for ensuring consistent customer satisfaction, regardless of whether our customers deal with us or our alliance partners,” states Mr Schäfer.

Expansion of alliance planned.

We plan to continue pursuing partnerships within and beyond Europe as an essential strategy for meeting the objectives of our Bechtle Vision 2020. The need for a global presence is underlined by the growing number of international customers. “We’ve noticed that global companies are increasingly selecting their suppliers according to specific criteria, and that they rely on domestic IT partners to recommend international partners,” explains James Napp, Managing Director of Bechtle direct UK and head of Bechtle’s Global IT Alliance programme.