Public Sector.

Over the years, Bechtle has established itself as an experienced IT partner for the public sector, distilling the expertise of the entire Group into a special Public Sector Division.

How do you effectively partner with customers in a highly specialised market like the public sector? One way is through a network of experts. Bechtle has been helping the public sector achieve its IT goals for years. The tenders we’ve won—framework agreements with the German armed forces and IT service provider Dataport, for example, as well as two public tenders with the European Commission, the largest in our company’s history—are solid proof of our expertise and successful business model.

Bechtle’s Public Sector Division masterfully coordinates central support services for our decentralised offices. Our tender team, for example, organises all the required resources from within the Group.

Specialised managers ensure that the entire Group’s skills are appropriately utilised. They align Bechtle’s resources to meet the various needs of different target groups, advise sales units and support specific communities within the Bechtle Group. Our unique structure enables us to respond to the public sector’s inherent particularities, helping customers in various fields: European, federal, state and municipal institutions, schools, research and higher education, the healthcare industry, churches, charities, the energy industry and associations.

We offer particularly favourable terms to all public corporations on our bios® government platform. The "Special Price" logo shows you the way to the best offer. Regular customers have their own bios® platform with customised buying conditions.

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Gerhard Marz

Public Sector Division Manager

Bechtle Platz 1
74172 Neckarsulm

+49 7132 981-4285