Managed Services.

Bechtle Managed Services currently manages over 600,000 IT workstations and more than 250,000 data centre systems. That means we’ve gained a lot of experience—that you can benefit from directly. Take advantage of multi-vendor services from a single provider and highly efficient cloud services hosted in Germany. In other words, lower your costs and boost flexibility. Our numerous regional IT system houses will help you get ahead.

Are you looking for all-in-one managed hardware availability and support?

Maintenance & Repair.

As a certified partner of all major manufacturers, we consolidate mixed IT landscapes and minimise costs through end-to-end maintenance and support.

  • Extended warranties
  • Break & fix services
  • Swap services
  • IMAC services


Are you looking for out-of-the-box IT services for simple, flexible support?

Managed Cloud Services.

Bechtle’s managed cloud services are hosted in Germany, delivering tailored, dynamic and easy-to-budget IT as a service to SMEs.

  • Infrastructure as a Service
    Servers, storage, security
  • Software as a Service
    Communication, collaboration, ERP, MS SQL
  • Products
    Bechtle Secure Cloudshare, Backup to Cloud, etc.


Are you looking for a long-term, affordable way to secure IT services?

Managed IT & Outsourcing.

Bechtle serves as an outsourcing partner for SMEs, offering highly standardised managed services for everything from workstations to data centres. Our end-to-end processes guarantee unbeatable efficiency and low costs.

  • Service Desk:

    Germany-based user support up to 24x7

  • Virtual Service Desk:

    Optimum support for geographically dispersed locations—centralised, yet always close by

  • Managed Workplace:

    Industrialised lifecycle services for IT workstations

  • Managed Print Solutions:

    Authorised partner of all leading vendors

  • Managed Data Centres:

    TÜV-certified tier-3 data centre

  • Managed Network & Security:

    Maximum stability and security even for future IT requirements

  • Managed Applications:

    Modular components for flexible integration with any IT environment


Intelligent Sourcing Tailored to Your Budget.

We offer over 500 industrialised service modules that you can combine for a solution that fits you like a glove. Slash costs and let your IT department focus on what it does best.