Training Services.

We recognised long ago that training is an integral part of what makes an IT solution effective. Not only will we help you decide which IT training is right for you, we’ll also guide you as you develop and implement your qualification strategy. The result is a custom-tailored training plan for your business. Choose from some 500 topics and 15,000 dates at 22 Bechtle training centres. There’s no easier way to ensure your employees receive the training they need.

IT Seminar Catalogue.

  • Seminars for over 500 IT topics—most of which are held even if just one participant registers.

Customised Training.

  • Training tailored to your exact requirements.

Managed Training Services.

  • We’ll plan, coordinate and implement your employee training programme: needs assessment, seminar catalogue, learning platform, documents, venue, expert services, certification and much more.

Custom Training Services.

All of our training seminars can be mixed and matched however you like. We’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the right ones topics, and we’ll also help you design and carry out your qualification strategy.

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