Virtualisation lets you do more with less. We deliver customised, flexibility-boosting virtualisation solutions, with services ranging from consulting to operation. Want to increase availability and lower costs? Together we’ll determine how to optimise your existing infrastructure by virtualising servers, storage, clients or applications. In doing so, our certified virtualisation experts help pave the way to a dynamic data centre. Bringing you one step closer to the future.

Virtualised technology. Save energy and costs by consolidating server, storage and network infrastructures in the data centre.

  • Consolidation of server, storage and network infrastructure

End-user computing Ensure efficient IT operation and cost advantages through client and user virtualisation. Virtual clients mean less administrative hassle, energy-saving thin clients, simplified software deployment and enhanced security through centralised data storage.

  • Client and user virtualisation

Management and automation. Increase your degree of virtualisation by automating resource management and streamlining IT processes in the data centre. Efficient management tools will also help increase your potential savings.

  • Efficient management of resources and IT processes

Software-defined data centres. Take advantage of software-defined data centres to ensure dynamic access to resource pools. Applications and data are moved throughout the entire infrastructure as needed—even to remote locations—through a fully automated process. And there’s absolutely no loss of quality.

  • Provision of dynamic resource pools

Hybrid clouds.
Cloud management will play an increasingly important role in the future. Get a head start by integrating and managing external IT resources in a private cloud.

  • Management of external IT resources in private clouds

Virtualisation as a Cloud Technology.

Managing cloud-based data centres is becoming more and more important. That’s why we focus on the service-oriented integration and automated management of IT resources.