bios® — E-Procurement made by Bechtle.

Professional, customer-specific IT procurement portals.

It’s a double-edged blade: you’re expected to buy at low cost, yet your internal users expect quality. And it’s not the only conflict you’ll find yourself in as an IT or purchasing manager. We will provide you with support throughout the entire procurement process so you don’t get lost in the jungle of procurement options available.




bios® – Bechtle Information and Ordering System


bios® is basically your custom-made procurement system designed to reduce costs and effort, streamline your procurement processes, take good advantage of framework contracts that benefit your entire organisation, and provide automated IT asset management, which also saves time and money. Furthermore we offer an optional, built-in asset management solution to manage the complete lifecycle of your IT equipment.

bios® pays off: Over 24,000 Bechtle customers across Europe were able to dramatically cut down on procurement and management costs for IT products. More than 50 percent of Bechtle Group customers place their orders using bios® platforms.

However our services are not limited to delivering hardware and software. We also offer comprehensive consulting services for products/solutions and will draw up procurement concepts (framework contracts, portfolios) that are custom-made just for you.

"We are one of the e-commerce pioneers and have been offering our procurement platforms and expertise since 1995. In particular in e-procurement, we aim at providing detailed analyses of your procurement process and optimal support based on your internal guidelines. The focus of our efforts is the human being as an operative procurement agent and we attempt to seamlessly integrate him into the defined processes. It’s our highest priority."

Martin Meyer Bechtle

Martin Meyer,
Head of eBusiness Strategy.