Dynamic Data Centres.

Get a fail-safe, future-ready data centre through new architectural strategies such as software-defined data centres. We’ll help you automate your IT resources with smart management tools, integrate efficient storage systems and optimise your network infrastructure bandwidth.

Complex Requirements.

IT managers and administrators are under increasing pressure to provide employees with quick and mobile access to data, services and applications. What’s more, digital traffic is steadily growing, and you want to use that raw data effectively to its fullest potential. To top it off, business strategies such as developing new products or expanding into foreign countries require highly adaptable systems and processes.

Simpler Solutions.

New concepts such as software-defined data centres and converged infrastructure solutions help reduce complexity in the data centre and allocate IT resources according to demand. Higher levels of automation boost efficiency for routine tasks. Management, specialist departments and users can count on reliable access to the IT services they need. No longer just an equipment room, the data centre has been transformed into a central service provider.

Management and automation. We deliver a unified data centre management interface with control tools and automation technologies based on solutions by:

  • Microsoft System Center
  • VMware vCloud Suite

Intelligent storage solutions. We have top-level certifications from all leading storage manufacturers.

  • Highly efficient storage systems
  • Backup and restore processes
  • Archiving solutions

Data centre networks. Our experts make sure you get the bandwidth you need without any complicated network management. We’ll optimise your network’s availability, performance and security with solutions from:

  • Cisco
  • HP Networking
  • VMware NSX