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Innovation made real with IT modernization.


In today’s digital environment, ongoing innovation is crucial to your success. Modernizing your IT infrastructure is key for driving innovation, improving customer experience, boosting reliability and security, and staying competitive.

Bechtle is Germany’s largest independent IT systems integrator and a leading IT e-commerce provider in Europe. With a track record of implementing forward-looking IT architectures, Bechtle is committed to driving digitalisation, cloud computing, mobility, security, and IT as a Service. In Germany, Europe, and worldwide.


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Infrastructure Solution Specialist


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Why IT Transformation?

Unless organizations transform their IT and continue to evolve, they simply cannot cope with the sheer amount of data and operational change generated in today's digital economy. So businesses need to embrace IT Transformation to stay competitive – sometimes to even survive.




What’s the opportunity for you?

Modernizing and automating the IT infrastructure is a foundational element of Digital Transformation – and it’s an essential requirement for organizations of all sizes, in all sectors. So the market potential is huge. A recent ESG survey of 4,000 execs in 16 countries found out that 81% of respondents know they need to embrace IT Transformation to stay competitive and enable cloud based services – with some urgency.


Modernize IT to improve customer experiences.

Get the agility, speed and scalability you need to improve customer experiences, and deliver better products and services faster – all by modernizing IT.


Drive efficiency. Gain a competitive edge.

A modern IT infrastructure provides the automation and efficiency to do more in less time, with less money and fewer resources.


Dell Technologies – A Strategic Partner for Bechtle.

For many years, we at Bechtle are strongly connected to our strategic Partner Dell Technologies. Under the umbrella Modernize IT. Maximize results. Dell EMC offers a wide portfolio covering Hyper-Converged infrastructure, Server, Storage and Network solutions.


Hyper Converged. Optimize and simplify data center operations.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) enables compute, storage, and networking functions to be decoupled from the underlying infrastructure, vastly improving infrastructure efficiency and lowering costs. Dell EMC HCI is built on PowerEdge servers and delivers cloud-like agility, improved scalability, and simplified IT management offered as engineered HCI appliances or rack-scale systems, or as HCI ready node building blocks.


Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G.

Dell EMC 14th Generation PowerEdge servers are the bedrock of the modern data center. They are built from the ground up with a no-compromise approach to deliver an end-to-end, fully flexible and innovative solution that customers can rely on. These pioneering servers feature the next generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, and combine enhanced compute + network + storage capabilities to deliver the biggest set of platform advancements available in a decade. 


Dell EMC VxRail.

Powered by VMware vSAN and Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, VxRail is the only fully integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged appliance on the market. VxRail transforms HCI networking and simplifies VMware cloud adoption, while meeting any HCI use case, including support for the most demanding workloads and applications.


Dell EMC VxBlock.  

The VxBlock System 1000 is a converged system that fully integrates best-of-breed technologies from Dell EMC, Cisco and VMware to provide one of the fastest ways to modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure. With support for all your mixed workload and data services requirements, the all-in-one engineered VxBlock 1000 helps you focus on innovation and accelerate your IT transformation. Realize greater business agility, improved data center efficiency and operational simplicity with the industry-leading, fully integrated compute, network, storage and data protection solution.


Dell EMC VxRack.

Dell EMC VxRack FLEX is a rack-scale hyper-converged system that delivers maximum scalability and business agility, enabling companies to start small and grow in flexible, discrete increments. Integrated with the latest 14th Generation PowerEdge Servers, this solution offers choice of hypervisor or bare metal, 2-layer or HCI architectures, and supports a wide range of use cases including high performance databases and applications with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.


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Storage. Unlock your data's value and speed business outcomes.

Dell EMC PowerVault ME.

The PowerVault ME4 Series is a next gen entrylevel block storage array that’s purpose-built and optimized for price-sensitive SAN & DAS environments with the simplicity, performance and affordability you’d expect from Dell EMC. The Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series brings the essential features of highend storage to small-medium businesses – simply and affordably. These flash-based systems drive application performance higher for a wide range of businesses and budgets. With its flexible connectivity options, the PowerVault ME4 arrays offer significant advantages for SAN/DAS workloads with outstanding IOPs, massive bandwidth, scale and low latency.


Dell EMC Unity.

Dell EMC Unity, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, delivers the ultimate in simplicity and value, enabling your organization to speed deployment, streamline management and seamlessly tier unified storage workload to the cloud. Dell EMC Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash unified storage platforms optimize SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities. Cloud-based storage analytics and proactive support keep you available and connected.


Dell EMC SC Series.  

Intelligent All-Flash and hybrid storage solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, offer transformational performance, flexible tiered storage architecture and future-proof value.


Networking. Explosion of data drives need for low-latency connectivity from everywhere.

N-Series Switches.

Dell EMC N-series is a family of energy-efficient, cost-effective 1 GbE, 2.5 GbE, 5 GbE and 10 GbE Open Networking switches designed for modernizing and scaling campus networks. Customer’s choice includes Dell EMC enterprise-class layer 2, layer 3 feature set with OS 6 or select third-party network operating systems.


Wireless LAN.

Dell EMC Wireless Networking solutions include access points, virtual, physical appliance and cloud-based network controllers and value-added hardware appliances and software for enhanced security, network planning, visualization and analytics tools. Reliable, simple, seamless and secure wireless connectivity anywhere.


Blade Switches.  

Highly scalable, cost-effective multi-chassis fabric architecture, including integrated low latency, high-performance Ethernet and Fibre Channel networking. Transform your data center by deploying the PowerEdge Blade chassis with Dell EMC M-Series high-performance networking switches.


S-Series Switches.

Modular & fixed configuration 1/10/40 GbE designed for data center ToR & aggregation applications. Designed for flexibility and high performance for today's demanding modern workloads and applications. Get more agility, more choices and lower costs than proprietary networks with select, open-standards-based ON (open networking) switches.


Z-Series Switches.  

Optimize performance for today’s applications with multi-rate, flexible solutions supporting 10/25/40/50/100 GbE throughput. Dell Networking Z-Series of core/aggregation switches provide optimal flexibility, performance, density and power efficiency for your data center. Offering a range of fixed-form-factor switches, the Z-Series is designed to deliver high performance for today's demanding workloads while providing headroom for future data-center demands.


Get in touch with our Infrastructure Solution Specialist at Bechtle.


Justin Thomas

Infrastructure Solution Specialist


Phone +44 124 9467968