Bechtle publishes Vision 2030

  • Focus on market leadership
  • New revenue target of 10 bn euros
  • EBT margin of 5 per cent remains a constant in the new Vision

Neckarsulm, 14 December 2018 – Bechtle AG today introduced its Vision 2030 to supersede its previous Vision 2020, which it first made public ten years ago. It is the fourth Vision in the 35-year history of the Neckarsulm-based IT company, which boasts branches in 14 European countries, and succeeds its Visions 2000, 2010, and 2020. With the new Vision, Bechtle has set its sights on a revenue mark of 10 bn euros with an EBT margin of 5 per cent, formulating a claim to market leadership and above-market growth. Vision 2030 is the first in the series to carry a title, “Bechtle: Integrate IT. Architect the future.” to tie in with the company’s future-driven brand essence, “zukunftsstark”.

Bechtle’s Vision 2030 carries on the tradition of a 12-year outlook setting out some ambitious goals, which Bechtle has consistently achieved since its very first Vision published in 1988. Either ahead of time, such as the recent threshold of 10,000 employees as formulated in Vision 2020; a year late, such as the revenue mark laid down in Vision 2010; or bang on target, such as the 2000 IPO projected in 1988.


“It’s exactly in times like these, characterised by speed, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and constant change, that successful companies have to have a vision. Our Vision 2030 gives us direction and provides guidelines and orientation beyond our daily, quarterly or annual business,” says Dr Thomas Olemotz, CEO, Bechtle AG.


Vision 2030 has been in the making throughout the year 2018, which saw the Executive Board’s original draft undergo multiple reviews and revisions involving select teams of employees from a great variety of business units. The three members of the Executive Board introduced the new Vision to all 10,000 employees in a webcast on 14 December 2018. “Vision 2030 formulates a goal that is realistic to attain, that will spur them on and that merits the work we put into it. It’s not just a far-off peak we’re asking them to climb; it’s one we’re going to reach together. And embarking on this journey together is something that we are absolutely allowed to enjoy, just as reaching our defined goals should make us proud of our success,” says Dr Thomas Olemotz.


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VISION 2030.

Bechtle: Integrate IT. Architect the future.


We empower business.

We understand our customers and deliver future-oriented IT to drive their success.


IT is our passion.

We are professionals. We strive to excel and we have what it takes. Bechtle is a place where great people accomplish great things.


Growth and foresight underpin our success.

We are able to build a sound future for Bechtle by pursuing sustained profitability. An EBT margin of 5 per cent or more gives us the freedom to invest while safeguarding our security and independence.


We aspire to lead the market.

We focus on IT markets where we can carve out a leading position. Our growth is above market with our sights set on a revenue mark of 10 billion euros.



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Dr. Thomas Olemotz