Bechtle again with record-breaking figures in 2018

  • Revenue up over 21% to some €4.3bn
  • EBT increased by approx. 18% to some €193m

Neckarsulm, 6 February 2019 – Preliminary figures suggest that Bechtle is set to close the books on a very successful business year 2018. The IT company shows sustainable growth with double-digit rates across all four quarters. Revenues climbed by over 21% to around €4.3bn, with the lion’s share coming from the IT E-commerce segment on account of customer demand and acquisitions. Consolidated organic growth across the group clocks in at about 15%. Bechtle’s 2018 earnings before taxes are up some 18% to an expected €193m, which translates to an EBT margin of 4.5%. As of 31 December 2018, Bechtle had a total of 10,005 employees.

Just as its preceding quarters, Q4 was also characterised by highly dynamic growth, with revenues scaling up about 26% from October to December. Organic growth, too, was in double digits at over 13%. EBT grew significantly by around 28%, putting the Q4 margin at 5.0%.

“We are very pleased with the 2018 business year. The second strongest growth since our IPO, the biggest acquisition in the history of our company, our début on the MDAX and the introduction of our Vision 2030 are all indications of a truly exceptional year,” says Bechtle AG’s chief executive, Dr Thomas Olemotz.


Bechtle AG will be publishing its full, audited financial statements for the 2018 fiscal year on 15 March 2019.

Press Release
Dr Thomas Olemotz