new direction – A managed server infrastructure for customised automotive web solutions.

Optimising workflows, locking in market share, and driving growth—that’s what Southern German new direction GmbH offers its automotive customers with its customised, web-based and mobile software solutions. The company has a particular flair for its customers’ internal processes, and boasts the very latest in technical expertise, as affirmed by the long-standing loyalty of a number of prominent customers.

Project details.

  • Server & Storage
  • ITC / Media
  • HPE
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

new direction set the aim of providing customers with high-availability, high-performance web applications, which are flexible enough to accommodate specific customer requirements, using a new and scalable server infrastructure. The new hardware platform needed to be designed in a way that enables virtual deployments of current software technologies under a VMware hypervisor. Well-planned hardware sizing was crucial for achieving the desired availability and performance of both hardware and virtual systems. In addition, new direction requested that IT support be provided for the implemented solution by a rapid-response service desk, which is standing by to resolve any issues. A dedicated ticket system plus remote monitoring would ensure that service calls and tickets be processed quickly and pragmatically by experienced systems engineers.


Our technology needs to be available, high-performance and secure. That is why we have opted for a new server infrastructure that, thanks to Bechtle, is not just equipped for the future, but is also managed to the highest possible standard. Bechtle’s experienced systems engineers have not simply implemented the project in an outstanding manner; they are also continuing to offer us excellent support with their expertise.

Alina Weber, Project Manager, new direction GmbH



new direction GmbH opted for a completely new, HPE-based server infrastructure for its customers’ web applications. With its big-name customers in mind, the company decided to have the servers housed in two local data centres run by Internet Service Provider (ISP) LEW TelNet. Here, Bechtle installed an HPE rack-optimised DL380 server solution (G9) with a direct-attached SAS MSA 2042 shared storage system and redundant SAS controllers. The servers are connected via an HPE Aruba 5700 Core Switch using a 10-Gbit cable. Storage takes the form of a 2-tier concept consisting of six 400 GB SSD drives in a RAID 6 configuration with a capacity of 1.6 TB for SQL/WEB (tier 1) as well as eight 1.2 TB SAS 10k drives in a RAID 6 configuration with a capacity of 7.2 TB (tier 2). Data is backed up on a dedicated backup server using Veeam software. The web services for new direction’s customers are secured via a DMZ reverse proxy with KEMP VLM200 and a Fortigate 80E firewall. Bechtle installed all hardware in a rack cabinet belonging to the provider, to which Bechtle has constant access. This is because new direction purchased the HPE three-year eCare pack NBD (VMware, Veeam, Kemp), which guarantees the functionality of all components for three years, allowing Bechtle to replace hardware at any time.


Furthermore, new direction has concluded a framework service agreement with Bechtle, giving the company access to a service desk with service level agreements, monitoring for defined systems, and maintenance with concrete time slots for patch management and security updates. To this end, Bechtle has installed a set of tools for a ticket system and for monitoring purposes, which also ensure process-oriented support.

Business benefits.

In particular, the support concept offered by Bechtle, comprising guaranteed services such as system maintenance, monitoring and helpdesk, leaves new direction’s internal resources free for development. This means that the software development team can focus on its core tasks. The high-performance servers located in the external data centres are always available and can be scaled-up at any time. new direction’s customers thus benefit from immediate access to specialised web applications.

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