Road warrior

Road warrior.

Spends most of the time on the go.

Road warriors spend the majority of their working day outside of the office. They are always visiting (potential) customers on-site, taking part in events, attending trade fairs or with suppliers. They’ll come into the office for important occasions like the monthly sales meeting, but that’s the exception, and so they don’t have a fixed workplace, working instead at shared desks in the office and very occasionally from home on a notebook. These workers use special accessories for on the road. These road warriors visit customers so often they are considered to be the face of the company. Working hours depend on appointments, but they tend to be still out and about when others have clocked off for the day. The majority of this time is spent in the car or on the phone.


It’s also nice to be able to connect your notebook when visiting a customer on-site. You’ve probably experienced it before—you want to present something but your notebook doesn’t have a VGA port to connect to the projector, so you waste several minutes searching for the right cable or end up making everyone crowd round your small notebook screen. Take a look at our range of docking stations. VGA, DP or HDMI—with our travel docks, you’re always well connected.


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Sustainable products are also finding more and more space in our range. Our Eco Traveller, for example, is made from recycled PET and transports your work tools safely and in an environmentally friendly way from A to B. All our backpacks are available in different sizes and offer enough storage space for your notebook, tablet and any other accessories. And if you order 100+, we’ll even print them with your logo.