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The way we work together has changed dramatically over the last year. Hybrid forms of collaboration which see employees sitting in different environments, battling different background noises are now part and parcel of the business day. This has also led to exciting new developments in technology, some of which you can discover here.

From the perfect monitor to all-in-one systems that make joining cinema-quality conferences possible at the touch of the button. Optimised tools for small huddle spaces where a handful of employees meet for intensive collaboration. Professional enterprise-grade audio equipment that block out the sounds of your loved ones and pets so you can keep focussed on your work. The golden age of video conferencing is upon us …

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 S.

A new form of collaboration.

If you’ve had a fantastic idea, you want to be able to present it in a meeting in such a way that it inspires the other participants. Smooth and cross-device collaboration are possible thanks to the whiteboard feature and Miracast and now attendees can ideate together with the Surface Slim Pen. Look no further than the stylish Microsoft Surface Hub 2S. Modern teams work flexibly. Ideas develop everywhere. And the Surface Hub 2S 50" and Surface Hub 85" move with you. No matter if in a conference room or workspace, with its thin design and optional mobile APC battery, you have all the freedom you need. The far-field microphones, crystal-clear speakers, vivid 4K display and the 90° Surface Hub 2 camera combine to ensure that all participants can be heard and seen. And thanks to seamless integration of Office 365, you can use all the apps your team knows and trusts.


Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini.

The all-in-one solution for small huddle spaces.

Small meeting rooms and huddle spaces are all the rage, creating opportunities for ad-hoc collaboration in a space designed to minimise disruptions. Of course, these shared spaces have to be suitably equipped and this is where the Webex Room Kit Mini comes into play. The compact video conferencing device with a 120° field of vision is perfect for small meeting spaces. The built-in speaker and intelligent beamforming microphone with automatic noise cancellation deliver crystal-clear sound. Share content or your screen in high quality while the camera with speaker tracking makes sure you always appear in the best light. The Room Kit Mini is available with or without SIP codec and works with Cisco Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub.

Meetings just got easier.

The new Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub has been developed with the aim of making intelligent collaboration even easier with everything you could ever want from a premium all-in-one conferencing system built in—a 25.6 cm (10.1") matte touch display, clear sound with the integrated full duplex speaker and four dual array microphones. The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub is pre-configured for Microsoft Teams (including Skype for Business) and Zoom Rooms. The 20% slimmer design and a unique ThinkSmart OneCable mechanism ensures your meeting room always looks tidy. With matching peripherals like the new Lenovo ThinkSmart Cam with active speaker tracking, auto zoom and auto framing to name but a few features, the Hub can also be used in large conference rooms.


Dell 4K displays.

Take back control of your meetings.

Can’t find the right display for your conferences? Then you’ve not seen Dell’s 4K displays. Crisp visuals and impressive colour accuracy are complemented by smart collaboration features that take your meeting experience to the next level. The anti-glare touch screen has an anti-smear coating to prevent visible fingerprints and reflections. Innovative InGlass™ touch technology from FlatFrog enables several users to interact simultaneously with up to 20 touch points. The monitors are also equipped with numerous ports such as HDMI, VGA and USB and can be managed remotely by the IT department. Smart features such as the Dell Screen Drop feature mean they can also be flexibly adjusted to different heights and enable comfortable group work at the screen.



Premium audio and video conferencing solutions.

These days, employees are working from the office and from home creating hybrid collaboration scenarios which require reliable audio communications solutions. The EXPAND series has been specifically designed for the needs of dispersed teams, working across various sites, time zones and battling different background noises. Each EXPAND model enables clear conversations, is easy to use and offers perfect connectivity. By optimising communication between your colleagues and customers, the EXPAND series provides the perfect foundation for modern collaboration.


Logitech Rally Bar.

The new all-in-one video bar for medium-sized rooms.

Enjoy cinema-quality conferences with the brand new Rally Bar. The Logitech Rally Bar is similar to the soundbar we know from our TVs, and not just in terms of its appearance. In conference rooms for up to twelve people, the powerful videobar ensures an all-in-one video conferencing experience with fantastic 4K resolution and high-quality audio. The automatic pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) feature means you’ll always be front and centre. Simply connect the Logitech Rally Bar to your PC via USB or use Appliance Mode directly on your device—the rally Bar adapts to your needs. Meetings are both simple and productive and will feel just like you are meeting face-to-face.
And that’s not all. Logitech will soon be offering the Rally Bar Mini for even smaller rooms and even more spontaneous meetings.


HP Elite Slice G2 for conference rooms.

Launch meetings quicker and more easily.

The Elite Slice G2 is an innovative mini PC for your conference room that makes organising and holding meetings child’s play. Using capacitive touch operation, you can start your meetings with the touch of a finger and call controls are easier than ever thanks to the combination of HP Elite Slice G2 and HP Center of Room Control. Meeting participants in the room can connect via an HDMI cable to the HP Wired Ingest module and share presentations in 1080p/60 Hz resolution. Speech is captured without ambient noise thanks to the far-field microphone and HP Noise Cancellation, and reproduced with audio of up to 90 dB to fill the room. Online calls and meetings have never been so easy or clear.

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