HP PageWide.


Reinventing printing. Exceeding expectations.

HP PageWide technology helps businesses reinvent printing and with it their business processes. HP PageWide technology prints each page in a single pass, ejecting millions of identical drops of colour onto the paper with the utmost precision. This doesn’t only make for premium printing – it saves costs, too. When you opt for an HP PageWide printer, you’re choosing top speeds and colour printing with professional quality – and the lowest total operating costs in its class. In addition, HP PageWide printers come with premium security and fleet management features.


Optimum price-performance ratio.

In terms of reliability and print quality, black Original HP toner cartridges are up to 50% more cost-effective than the average remanufactured black cartridge




The benefits of HP PageWide:

  • Up to 20% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than most competitors (400 and 500 series printers and MFPs)
  • Best-in-class print speeds – up to 75 ppm
  • Fast single-pass, two-sided scanning (MFP devices) – up to 70 ipm, less energy than lasers in its class,
  • Durable documents that are water, smear, fade, and highlighter resistant
  • Fewer replaceable parts than most lasers
  • Job concurrency – scan, copy, or fax while someone else is printing, and keep work moving (MFP devices only)
  • Print Microsoft Word and PowerPoint® documents straight from your USB drive (477dw model only)




The HP PageWide’s most important features.


Count on Original HP PageWide cartridges for affordable, reliable printing.

Achieve professional quality, colour prints at an optimum price-performance ratio and get the results you want—every time.
 Original HP PageWide ink cartridges ensure the consistent print volume, quality and cost efficiency that your business requires.



  • Durable documents that are water, smear, fade, and highlighter resistant
  • High black and colour saturation for professional colour documents
  • Consumables with high and very high coverage keep you printing for longer
  • Affordable everyday printing




Prints across an entire page in a single pass

  • 42,240 tiny nozzles (10,560 per colour) eject ink in precisely the right location
  • Fixed print head – only the paper moves, so pages print fast in a single pass

Precisely-controlled paper movement

  • High through-put speeds for quick printing
  • Adjustable paper guides hold printed pages on two sides for neat stacking in the output tray

Consistent print quality

  • Sturdy printhead designed to last as long as the printer itself
  • Reliable professional print quality – high nozzle density provides substitution for failed nozzles.
  • Automated printhead service routines that can restore nozzle operation and ensure consistent print quality
  • Automatic nozzle health sensing and nozzle substitution to identify and remedy print head blockages for consistent print quality