HPE InfoSight –
When your storage practically takes care of itself.


HPE’s smart management software brings transparency and intelligence to your IT management – predictive, autonomous and solution-oriented. The key? Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

Data is at the heart of everything you and your company do, and is key to business insights, innovation, progress and above all, corporate success. That’s why you need storage that is modern, powerful and flexible, not to mention secure and always available.

You need HPE Nimble Storage. Nimble is your storage, data safe and driver of transformation, behind which is nothing less than an agile, always-on and highly scalable platform with modern flash data storage that supports everything from VMs to containers and test to development environments. Hybrid cloud environment? Piece of cake.


InfoSight. That special something for your storage.

Looking for that little bit more? When the real star of the storage show should be the software that manages it? Introducing HPE InfoSight.

HPE InfoSight brings transparency and intelligence to your IT management with predictive support automation, AI-powered management and a unique product experience. In other words, you sit back and relax while the software does the work.








  • Make IT intelligent!
    AI-powered autonomous operations ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast, and always-agile. And InfoSight is constantly learning thanks to machine learning and data from over 1,000,000 connected sensors in 100,000 global systems. For even more intelligence. For you. Clever, right?

  • Save yourself some sleepless nights!
    The days of having to roll up your sleeves and spend hours trying to find the reason for an issue are numbered thanks to predictive analytics. HPE InfoSight automatically predicts and resolves 86% of all incidents affecting your IT before you even notice them.
  • Save time and money!
    HPE Nimble Storage and HPE InfoSight bring real added value, as proven by an ESG study of Nimble customers, which highlights 79% lower operating costs, 73% fewer support tickets, and 69% faster solutions for level 3 support requests. 

  • Get everything from a single source!
    One place to turn for all your storage needs. Bechtle. We design and set up your HPE Nimble Storage with HPE InfoSight to guarantee your needs are fulfilled. And you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are there whenever you need us. Storage made easy.
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