Kingston Data Centre 500 Series.

Performance, reliability and consistency.

Kingston’s Data Centre 500 (DC500R / DC500M) series of solid-state drives are high-performance 6 Gb/s SATA SSDs that use the latest 3D TLC NAND, designed for read-centric and mixed-use server workloads. 



  • Predictable random I/O performance and latencies over a wide range of workloads
  • Read-centric design for performance in high read-intensive workloads (DC500R)
  • Mixed-use design for balanced performance in high read/write-intensive workloads (DC500M)
  • Configurable over-provisioning
  • On-board power loss protection (PLP)






Real-time results with big data.

Responsiveness resulting from low latency and consistent I/O performance delivers the QoS that businesses need for demanding read-centric workloads.


Profound transactional processing.

Exceptional balance of consistent I/O delivery and high read and write IOPS performance to manage a wide range of transactional workloads.


Reduce application latencies.

Data centres that host databases and web-based applications can leverage the predictable I/O and latency performance.


On-board power capacitors and firmware add another layer of power loss protection.

Hardware-based, controlled power loss protection (PLP) to reduce the possibility of data corruption during ungraceful power failures.

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