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Boost your bottom line and adapt to changing business models.

Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever—your business needs to operate on a leaner budget, with your employees in remote locations. To remain competitive and thrive amidst change, let Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) manage your device lifecycle, freeing your employees to do what they do best. 

What is Device as a Service? 

For large and small companies alike, updating PC equipment every 3 or 4 years can be extremely costly, especially in terms of follow-up costs for acquisition, provision, training, support, recovery and resource management.  

Device as a Service is a way of reducing these costs for companies. If we take a regular hardware device (such as a notebook, desktop, phone or mobile phone) that is bundled with different software programs and services, for example, DaaS gives customers an all-inclusive package for a predictable, monthly fee. This means the customer receives a single contract and contact,  

and in contrast to hardware leasing, companies are purchasing a holistic solution with far more flexibility in terms of scaling their hardware in the long run. Customers can even leave lifecycle management to the DaaS provider and focus on daily business instead. 

Here’s how Lenovo DaaS can help: 
Do more with less 
  • Free up internal resources 
  • Align expenses with revenues 
  • Untether cash flow 
Get support wherever & whenever it’s needed 
  • Keep employees connected, supported, & productive from any location 
  • Avoid costly downtime 
  • Resolve security concerns—onsite and remotely 
Focus on what you do best 
  • Single point of accountability 
  • Single contact & invoice 
  • Reliable, stable, & fully customized solutions 


Business advantages
  • INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY: Provide users with the newest and most flexible technology  
  • FREE UP CAPITAL: No pre-investments and lower total costs equal a better cashflow  
  • OPTIMISE USE: Choose the perfect devices for different roles and adjust the number of devices freely to suit demand  
  • INCREASE SECURITY: Constant visibility and monitoring of possible vulnerabilities across all layers with ThinkShield  
  • OPTIMISE INTERNAL IT RESOURCES: With Lenovo’s support, internal IT resources are freed up so that you can focus on innovative projects 
Create your Lenovo DaaS solution 


Select devices from the latest high-performance Lenovo hardware that best suit your organisation (home office, office, road warriors or power user). 



Choose your Lenovo DaaS solution—Simplify, Accelerate, or Transform. 


Customise your solution with DaaS features and service levels that fit your organisation. 



Finance with Lenovo Financial Services for flexible options and an affordable, predictable monthly fee. 

More and more work is being done outside of the office. Lenovo DaaS can accelerate change in your company to support the lifecycle in the context of location-independent work and mixed user environments. Consider these Lenovo DaaS Work-from-anywhere solutions: 

Zero-touch deployment solutions procure devices for productivity and get them delivered to employees. 


Cloud-based management solutions provision devices and ensure their compliance on and off the corporate network.

Lenovo Support Services solutions support and train remote users in mixed environments. 


Ship directly to the employee’s home. 

Exchange devices via centralized depot or locker. 

Cloud-based recovery immediately restores a PC to its last known healthy state. 

Lenovo Device Intelligence ensures devices are maintaining peak performance and stability. 


Reduce your IT costs today, by switching to modern device management. 
Contact us to find out how Lenovo DaaS can provide you with the advantages of modern IT and help your company focus on its growth. 


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