Compact and space-saving –
The modular all-in-one PC solution for the office and home.

It’s as easy as Plug and Play. Say goodbye to cable clutter with the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One solution.

Compact and space-saving.

It might not be a classic all-in-one solution, but it is one that Lenovo is rightly very proud of. You’ll never have to worry about a lack of ports or a tangle of cables on the desk as the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One combined with a Tiny PC delivers a space-saving modular all-in-one solution.


M70q Tiny

Versatile compatibility.

The ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One is compatible with all Lenovo M series Tiny and Nano PCs. All you have to do is connect the Tiny model of choice to the back of your screen and you’re all set. The days of fiddling with connection cables are over as the Tiny PC is slotted into the back of the Tiny-In-One display and connects automatically. You can also connect up a second monitor thanks to the Tiny’s wealth of ports.

Second Monitor

M80q Tiny
M90q Series: Only available in one configuration. Please get in touch via the contact form.

Upgrading is easy thanks to modular components.

Purchase a new Tiny-In-One display or Tiny PC whenever you like without having to upgrade the entire system. This gives a decisive advantage over traditional all-in-one systems, which often require everything to be changed as soon as a new display or computer are needed.

Innovative technologies for more efficiency and power.

Only one cable is needed to provide power to both the monitor and computer. You can even give your PC’s performance a boost with the new Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One 24 Gen 4 that features a rear cover that optimises heat dissipation.

Perfect conferencing.

The enhanced built-in 1080p webcam saves you having to buy an external camera while the integrated microphone and speakers enable more productive and better meetings.