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End of Life Services and Re-marketing.

Over the course of time, digital workplaces use a lot of hardware, but what happens to the notebooks, tablets, smartphones and servers when they are no longer needed? What happens to all the data saved on these devices?


This is the Workplace solution: Bechtle End of Life Services and Re-marketing.


We take care of your hardware.

Our End of Life services make sure that you don't have to worry about your old



  • Data is deleted on-site at your company.
  • We remove the systems and hardware from your inventory.
  • Licences are released in the customer portal or via the cloud provider.
  • Hardware is ecologically recycled


Of course, not all hardware is so old that it has to be disposed of, And that's why we always test it to see if remarketing is an option.

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Efficient remarketing of used hardware.

As soon as performance begins to slow, hardware is often replaced. This often happens after only a few years, before the depreciation period has expired. The problem: Companies lose a lot of money. Administration costs increase because the old hardware has to be disposed of.


Remarketing ensures that functioning hardware (e.g. notebooks, tablets and even components) can be resold and reused. This enables companies to save money while also making a meaningful contribution to climate protection and helping save our planet's resources- a lifecycle concept that pays off.


Our Remarketing-Service includes:

  • Consultation and strategy
  • Acquisition of used equipment
  • Removal and logistics
  • Permanent data deletion in Bechtle's secure Remarketing Centre.
  • Remarketing of tested hardware

Best of all:

All remarketing services are the responsibility of Bechtle Remarketing GmbH, an independent company of the Bechtle group. We offer complete solutions for the entire life cycle of your hardware – all from a single source.

 Benefit from the latest PCs, notebooks and servers, and let us take care of your old and used hardware.
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End of Life Services and Re-marketing.

Bechtle can manage the complete life cycle of your hardware and also the remarketing. When requested, we remove hardware from the customer's asset system and release the licences for further use in the customer portal or via the cloud partner. We make sure that hardware is removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and that certified data erasure is carried out. Thanks to efficient re-marketing, you also benefit financially.

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