Data protection and information security.

Bechtle helps our customers tackle data protection and information security with a holistic approach backed by qualified data protection, security and IT law experts. Our specialists design purpose-built solutions for those business areas requiring special attention and protection, provide manufacturer-independent consulting and can even take on the operation of your IT environment to deliver a made-to-measure offering that leaves nothing to be desired.


Our data protection and IT security experts support you in all matters relating to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of personal data, business information and IT systems, including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other statutory provisions or policies. They help you hone your corporate IT risk management, from risk assessments to contingency planning, support you in obtaining required certifications and even design entire security strategies.


As an external provider, we help detect and close any gaps in your data protection and IT security.


Bechtle supports numerous midsize and large companies as well as public-sector customers, pooling the expertise of data protection and IT security officers as well as TÜV and BSI-certified auditors that evaluate the individual requirements of each customer to tailor the exact service offering they need to keep their IT and data on the safe side.


Questions about security?


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Bechtle offers the following services in the field of data and information security:

Legally compliant data protection consultation (in accordance with the GDPR).

We have the answers to the following questions:

  • Who needs a data protection officer?
  • Why is a data protection officer needed?

Data protection regulations and other legally binding guidelines mean that companies and organisations are subject to a wide-range of requirements, of which those responsible must be aware and must apply them in a legally compliant way. As part of data protection consulting, you will learn to identify and professionally eliminate any vulnerabilities in your organisation.



Appointment of an external data protection officer.

Appointing a data protection officer is a must, but for the public-sector and midsize and large companies it is often cheaper and therefore more economic to appoint someone externally:

  • as there are no training or certification costs,
  • no need to attend refresher courses,
  • experience and knowledge of Best Practices save time and money,
  • no discontent amongst company employees due to special rights of an internal data protection officer, and
  • the scope of the work is flexible, contractually transparent and negotiable.


Data protection projects/workshops.

The aim of customer-specific tailored projects and workshops is to enable those responsible for data protection to understand IT security measures and to use this knowledge to contribute to corporate security processes. These include:

  • Conception and development of data protection guidelines (policies, agreements).
  • Legally secure handling of data transfers and commissioned data processing.
  • Process documentation and procedure registration.
  • Questions concerning compliance and liability in companies and organisations.

Data protection audits/data protection certification/certified GDPR-compliance audits (maturity assessment).

  • After an on-site data protection audit, we analyse and document the current legal compliance of your processes and actions and your company’s data and information security level.
  • After elimination of any vulnerabilities, the Bechtle data protection seal can be used on request to confirm the legally compliant and secure handling of company data (employee data, customer data, supplier data and as sensitive company information).


Data protection awareness/employee training (GDPR).

The data protection officer’s main responsibilities are for employee training and raising awareness of the topic (section 4 g German federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)). These are legally required courses and are a crucial in increasing awareness of data protection in companies and organisations. Employees are required to take part in regular courses on the basis of data protection and must also be regularly updated on developments that are relevant to their field of work.


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IT security: In safe hands with Bechtle.

Bechtle offers the following services in the field of IT security:

IT security consultation/IT security strategies in business processes.

We advise and support you with organisational and technical IT security concepts with the focus on designing, aligning and implementing IT security strategies economically and in line with requirements. We rely on our extensive experience in implementing national and international standards (BSI or ISO27001, ISMS, etc.) as well as industry-specific frameworks and regulations.


IT security analyses/checking established IT security processes and assessing maturity.

What is the current status of IT security in your company? Every business goal—from cost reduction to business process optimisation—depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT infrastructure. We use our experience to check and evaluate your current security level, show you where there are vulnerabilities and deliver solutions for optimum information security in your company, guided by basic IT protection as well as the current standards and compliance requirements.


IT security organisation concept and planning incl. risk management.

IT security strategies are developed according to existing framework conditions with the key points documented and taken into consideration when creating the IT security concept and security organisation.

Conception and planning comprises the selection of a risk assessment method, the classification of risks and losses as well as the development of a strategy for dealing with risks plus the selection of suitable IT security measures.

Support, implementation and certification according to IT security standards: IT Baseline Protection (Issued by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)), ISO/IEC 27001, ISMS etc.

We’ll be by your side in the planning, implementation and realisation of an IT security concept in accordance with ISO 27001 and also with IT Baseline Protection issued by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Key tasks: - Initialisation and installation of the ISMS – IT structure analysis – Determination of protection requirements – Modelling and realisation of measures (organisational/technical) as well as preparation for certification.


Appointment of external security officer.

The security officer is responsible for coordinating IT security processes, which is necessary for the meaningful implementation and success analysis of IT security measures. An external IT security officer supports your company in the management of IT security and its alignment with national and international IT security standards (and compliance).


Employee training and IT security awareness.

IT security is a central component of corporate culture and therefore contributes to the success of the company. Every single employee needs to understand what IT security means for them and how they should react in critical situations. Only those employees with a high awareness of the topic can support their company to achieve a high level of IT security.



Comprehensive data protection: the data protection and information security concept implemented by Bechtle ensures that Sigloch satisfies all the legal requirements.


Bechtle created a future-proof data protection and data security concept for Bär Cargolift that satisfies all the legal requirements.



The number of data beach reports has increased tenfold with the introduction of the GDPR - and the high level continues to this day. What can companies do to be on the safe side?


Implementing the new EU General Data Protection Regulation is proving to be a challenge for many companies even after it came into effect in May 2018, and the threat of repercussions is growing. 

What security measures are relevant for your company?


Even harmless applications can turn into security problems. We’ll demonstrate how you can best protect your company against this.


From private and public to hybrid cloud—every infrastructure is different and therefore needs to be considered individually. We’ll show you what to watch out for.


What attack scenarios are there and how can you best protect your company against them? We’ll advise you on the best security solutions for you.


Are you still using legacy hardware? Is your data centre already completely digital or are you using a hybrid cloud? We’ll highlight all security factors.


Companies need IT infrastructures tailored to their companies. And we’ll be glad to show you what you need to take into account.


The working world is currently changing. Companies are embracing new technologies to increase their efficiency and productivity.