IBM Spectrum Storage Suite

IBM Power Systems Servers

Powering the hybrid enterprise

Why IBM Power Systems?

For the security, reliability and performance necessary in an effective hybrid cloud strategy.

Meet today’s security challenges

As business and IT infrastructures continue to grow in complexity, companies face a greater chance of security vulnerabilities than ever before across all divisions of their business – from IT and HR to marketing and finance. That’s why it’s essential that every layer of your company’s IT hardware and software stack remains secured – end-to-end. While several security challenges exist, visibility into your full IT stack can help you simplify security at every layer.

Rated 1st in OS reliability by ITIC

The ITIC Global Reliability report rates IBM Power Systems – including the five nines of reliability you get from POWER9 – as delivering the highest reliability*.


TCO for Linux on Power

With the numerous technical and financial benefits of IBM Power Systems, Linux on Power is the top platform to host Linux workloads for many organizations.

App Mod

Modernize in place at your own pace.

Modernize with Power

IBM Power Systems are architected to economically scale mission-critical data-intensive applications, either virtual-machine based or containerized.

Accelerate transformation

Develop an approachable, low-risk path that doesn’t disrupt your existing apps yet paves the way for innovation.

Do more with less

3.2x transactions per second per core vs. comparable x86 systems, delivers higher value and lower TCO, with Power’s industry-leading reliability.

Meet the IBM Power Systems server family

Find a server to match your workloads, IT environment and budget.

Enterprise servers

Highly secure and automated servers, designed with OpenStack-based cloud management, provide flexibility during the transition to cloud infrastructure.

Scale-out servers

Future-forward, flexible, cloud-ready servers with built-in PowerVM® virtualization for deploying the right scale-out cloud option for your needs.

Accelerated servers

Build an AI foundation for speed and scale with the premier, built-in GPU acceleration platform for faster time to AI and HPC applications.

Hybrid cloud on IBM Power Systems

A flexible hybrid cloud environment with a built-in cloud-optimized hypervisor.

Dynamic capacity for private cloud

Dynamically activate one or more resources on your private server, as your business peaks dictate, with pay-for-use pricing.

Extending into public cloud

Stay connected to the cloud and integrate your IBM technology for fast self-service and flexible management both on and off premises.

Automate your hybrid cloud

Take advantage of Ansible’s consistent, industry-leading enterprise automation technology.

Key solutions

SAP HANA server solutions

The key to IT efficiency and business continuity is a platform that integrates with your current infrastructure while simultaneously optimizing it. SAP HANA servers and storage – from classic SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA – let you maintain the reliability and flexibility required for your hybrid cloud.

IBM Power Systems Flexible Trade Up Offer

Stay current on technology with no disruptions to your budget. With the IBM Power Systems Flexible Trade Up Offer, upgrade now without waiting while locking in the price for future IT infrastructure investments.

Red Hat and Cloud Paks on Power Systems

In this fast-moving climate, your organization must secure sensitive data and workloads, support new applications and deliver consistency and simplicity across the enterprise. Red Hat® and IBM Cloud® solutions on IBM Power Systems can help you achieve these goals.

Operating systems that grow with you

Scalable platforms to meet your hybrid multicloud needs.


Celebrating 35 years of innovation and enhanced capabilities with the new IBM AIX 7.3. The future of UNIX in an enterprise open standards-based UNIX operating system for the Power Systems architecture.


IBM i is a platform for innovators, by innovators. Continuous availability, the latest security features and easy integration with IoT, AI and Watson provide you with the insights that are integral to your organization.

Linux on Power Systems

An industry-standard open operating system with faster processing speed, bandwidth and inherent security.

Power Systems software

IBM Power VC

Advanced virtualization and cloud management to help you build private cloud on the Power Systems servers.


A security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on Power Systems servers, running AIX or Linux.


Deploy an HA solution that addresses both storage and high availability requirements with one integrated configuration.

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