Kingston Is With You

Kingston is with you

Kingston® memory and storage products are relied on worldwide by corporations, data centers and technology enthusiasts alike. We manufacture product solutions vital to technology infrastructures designed by businesses and used by individuals every day. Kingston’s commitment to engineering-expertise, reliability, quality, and service has held the trust of customers and partners for over 30 years. Our global offices and distribution network ensure product availability, service and support in more than 175 countries.

Server & Data Center

Kingston server SSD and memory products directly support the global demand to store, manage and instantly access large volumes of data in both traditional databases and Big Data infrastructures.

Data Security

Data security and protection is a baseline requirement for businesses, governments, and individuals. Kingston offers threat prevention solutions to help mitigate risks while complementing an existing or developing security plan.

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Why Kingston?

Exceptional Service

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we meet or exceed your business needs.

Passionate People

Our positive culture and exceptional people are what make our company great. 

Dependable Reliability

For thirty years Kingston has been delivering solutions to businesses of every size, from start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies.