Logitech in support of UNICEF 

Every child deserves education, everyone is more aware of that now than ever before. Education provides opportunities, friendships and development. UNICEF has been engaged in education for all children in the world for years. Logitech Benelux can proudly call itself a partner of UNICEF and support them in their education projects.

Education projects of UNICEF


Can't Wait to Learn is an innovative education program in Sudan where children learn to read, write and calculate using solar-powered tablets. In Sudan, three million children are still out of school due to conflict and flooding in the country. This situation makes the development of children and young people very difficult. With Can't Wait to Learn, UNICEF offers children access to quality education so that they are better prepared for the future. Together with the Sudanese government and partners, UNICEF ensures that children in remote areas have access to good education with the help of the tablets. Together with communities, they are building new classrooms where children can play and learn safely.



The school-in-a-box is part of UNICEF's standard response in emergencies and is used in many back-to-school activities around the world. The content of the box is culturally neutral, it can be used all over the world. In addition, the box is often supplemented with locally purchased products, such as books in local languages, toys, games and musical instruments. Scriptures are printed without a margin, so that both children who write from left to right (eg Latin and Germanic languages) and children who write from right to left (eg Arabic, Hebrew) can use them. With one school-in-a-box (€ 135.00 for the box and € 45.00 transport costs) a teacher can teach 40 children. The lid of the box can be used as a blackboard by painting it with the special blackboard paint from the box.






It started as an idea for a digital remote education platform for children on the run, a collaboration between UNICEF, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge. The pilot started this year, and due to the corona crisis, Learning Passport was rapidly adapted and further developed to provide education to the millions of children who are at home due to school closures. The platform also contains important teaching materials for teachers and educators. An innovative, scalable solution that has already been embraced nationwide in Ukraine, Timor-Leste and Jordan.

Logitech MeetUp in support of UNICEF

You can help Logitech in their campaign for UNICEF. In the coming period, the MeetUp is “Logitech MeetUp in support of UNICEF”. With the sale of each MeetUp, Logitech donates € 10 to education projects, which can be used to buy 40 notebooks, for example. 20 sold MeetUps can roughly 50 teenagers a study package, consisting of pens, notebooks, folders, and many other educational necessities. With a small gesture, a lot can be achieved.