Growth needs a solid foundation. Sustainability at Bechtle.

Bechtle’s success is largely attributable to our ability to see the big picture. Bechtle is and always has been a future-oriented company, driven by solid, measurable objectives.


Long-term planning, mutual respect in everyday operations as well as social and environmental responsibility as part of corporate citizenship—these are the cornerstones of Bechtle’s sustainable business model. And that means: our success depends on finding the right balance between the interests of society and those of our business.


Read more about customers, solutions and corporate management. All the details and the other areas of employees, suppliers, community service, economic sustainability and environment are included in our complete Sustainability Report:




100 %

Our goal always has been, and always will be, both today and tomorrow: 100% customer satisfaction.


33% +

33% of the supervisory board and 13% of management are women: Gender balance in some areas of Bechtle is pretty good, but we're not going to rest on our laurels.

5 %

An EBT margin of a sustainable 5% is a key part of our Vision 2020.



Zero conflicts between our goals of sustainability and our successful business operations.


Without our customers and their satisfaction there would be no sustainability and no Bechtle. Everyday 8,300 deliveries are sent on their way to our customers—and the trend is steadily rising. Some of our customers are fully in the business of sustainability, such as the Bavarian State Department of Forestry.


Sustainability is also a major topic in day-to-day business. Not only are solutions required to meet security, privacy protection and customer requirements, they have to be solutions that have a low environmental impact over the entire life cycle of the product.

Sustainable corporate management.

Acting responsibly in the best interests of our customers and shareholders while being mindful of the future and being a responsible corporate citizen in terms of the environment and society requires sustainable corporate management. Just four of many ways that Bechtle combines IT and sustainability. This requires sustainable corporate management.