6U Wall Mount EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

The 6U Wall Mount Micro Data Center enables quick and easy deployment of server and networking equipment in a secure, compact form factor that can be remotely managed.



Introducing an innovative, low profile wall mountable Micro Data Center

The 6U Wall Mount is an innovative way to deploy server and networking equipment at the Edge. The unique low-profile design enables large depth devices to be wall mounted in a compact, and less intrusive form factor than traditional wall mount cabinets. The solution includes UPS, security, and remote management.

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Benefits of 6U Wall Mount EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

Increase Deployment Speed

Reduce configuration and on-site installation time by utilizing our best-in-class tools and reference designs.

Improve IT staff efficiency

EcoStruxure IT, our next generation DCIM platform, provides simplified, scalable and secure remote monitoring.

Reduce service visits and downtime

Reliable power and security offers coupled with pro-active services and analytics.

Low Profile Design

Extends less than 14in. (355mm) off of the wall while supporting large depth server and networking equipment.

Pre-integration Capability

Shock packaging allows equipment to be pre-integrated into the enclosure before it arrives on-site, speeding up deployment.

Advanced Security Options

Protect against physical and environmental threats with camera monitoring, keylock doors, intrusion detection, and more.

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Technical specifications

Rack units: 6U

External depth: 940 mm

Door: Perforated

Warranty: 5-year bring-in