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The Brother QL-700 Label Printer

QL-700 34L CO label

The QL-700 label printer makes printing labels easier and more aff ordable than ever before. Whether you’re producing address labels, signage labels, ID passes or barcode labels, the QL-700 has the label type for you.


Compact in size, but big in performance capability. Print up to 93 labels a minute, this easy to set-up printer off ers hassle-free plug and print usage without the need for the installation of drivers or software.

For professional results every time, the in-built auto cutter professionally
cuts bespoke sizes quickly when using the continuous roll, leaving you
more time to design the ideal original label for the job. Or simply choose
from the supplied suite of template designs for home or office applications.







    Key Features

    Unique continuous roll for printing labels up to 1m long

    Versatility due to a range of pre-sized labels and continuous rolls

    Durable in-built automatic cutter

    No need to install a driver, just plug it in your PC and print

    Print address labels directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

    Space-saving design due to its small footprint

    Free P-touch Editor software for customisation of your labels.

    Software solutions for any labelling need

    The Brother QL-700 label printer offers you an easy way to print professional looking labels for a wide range of uses throughout your place of work. We have made label printing easier than ever by incorporating “P-touch Editor Lite” label design software inside the QL-700. Windows users simply need to connect the USB cable, run the software from the pop-up message, then design and print your label. No software or drivers need to be installed.

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    • Connect the USB cable
      When you connect the QL-700 to your PC, it is
      identified as a USB flash drive and a new drive letter
      appears on your computer.
    • Run the built-in label design software
      Double-click on the P-touch Editor Lite software to
      launch the label design software.
    • Design and print your label
      Add text, graphics and frames to your label then print.
      The software is not installed on your PC at any time
      during this simple process.

    Also includes professional label design software

    The more powerful P-touch Editor software is supplied on CD-ROM, which is installed in the standard way. Offering integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, you can print labels directly from these applications. Simply highlight the address, text or information you require on a label, and click the “P-touch” icon in the toolbar to print your label immediately. You can include barcodes, graphics, frames and other information on your labels, whatever your requirements.