IBM Storage

IBM Storage.

Did you know that 87 of the Fortune Global 100 business use IBM Storage?

SMEs can also benefit from the IBM Storage solutions’ performance and reliability at an affordable price.

IBM FlashSystem.

Why FlashSystem?

Having many different storage requirements no longer means you need a complex mix of storage. With the IBM FlashSystem family, you have one platform to address entry, mid-range and high-end needs. FlashSystem all-flash and hybrid-flash arrays are built on a unified set of software, tools and APIs, which extends enterprise functionality throughout the storage estate, simplifies hybrid multi-cloud, and is designed for complete peace of mind. It’s not just for big businesses.


Find out how IBM FlashSystem helps you protect, manage and extend data to the cloud with less complexity and lower costs.

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Simpler, faster, better.



Affordable without compromise.

Eliminate software licensing costs with fully inclusive software. Store more in less space. Scale out instantly with utility pricing.


Faster, smarter data.

Accelerate business insights with NVMe storage. Simplify management with intelligent software. Use consistent automation APIs on premises and in the cloud.


Multi-cloud enabled.

Gain security, performance, control and cost savings with easy-to-deploy private and hybrid multi-cloud solutions.


Protected and secure.

Encrypt data automatically. Malware detection and application aware snapshots help provide dependable cyber resiliency.


Extraordinary data availability.

Guarantee 99.9999% availability, or optional 100% data availability with HyperSwap. Replicate across 2 or 3 sites. Configure for cross-site high availability.


Easy data mobility.

Easily migrate data and applications to and from cloud and to other systems. Optimise cost and performance with intelligent Easy Tier®, which automatically moves only the most active data to flash.

The FlashSystem family.

The all-encompassing IBM FlashSystem family portfolio, including the entry-level products previously offered under the name Storewize, covers the multitude of enterprise storage requirements. The FlashSystem family provides total data integrity, simplified management and the capabilities you need to master hybrid multi-cloud.

Take the IBM FlashSystem Product Tour and discover a wealth of product information.


IBM Flashsystem5200 - EN

FlashSystem 5200.

The new FlashSystem 5200 launched to revolutionise the entry storage market. Just 3 x NVMe IBM FlashCore Modules deliver the same performance as 24 SAS SSDs and reduce costs, while always on high-availability features are delivered in a 1 U chassis (pizza box). The new FlashSystem 5200 has been available on the market since 10 February 2021. It delivers maximum performance in a compact 1 U form factor and can be fully integrated into the hybrid cloud and container technologies. With storage capacities of between 38 terabytes and 1.7 petabytes


IBM FlashSystem 5200 Product Guide.

NVMe SSDs, SCM (Storage Class Memory Module) and the FCM (FlashCore Module) developed by IBM serve as storage media. Last but not least, data can be compressed and encrypted without compromising performance. The vendor leverages in-house IBM Spectrum Virtualize for the operating system, which allows users to virtualise and manage storage as a pool and also integrate as many third party systems as they need. 99.9999% availability and data security features such as IBM HyperSwap ensure automatic failover and means mirroring concepts can be implemented across three locations.

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