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One size does not fit all

Different people work in different ways, and each different work mode should be supported by the right equipment. From desk workers to mobile workers, the needs of every employee will vary depending on their environment and how they prefer to work.


Do you know which work modes exist within your organization and how to boost productivity with the right headsets or speakerphone solutions?

There are 6 primary work modes within the office, offsite and on the go

All 6 modes require high levels of collaboration and concentration, with their mobility level dictating their other needs.

Standard Office

Fully-Focussed Freddie
Freddie spends more than half of his time at his desk. He needs prolonged periods of concentration to absorb information, crack difficult problems and develop game-changing ideas. Fully-Focussed Freddie chooses Jabra Evolve 80.
Corridor Cloe
Chloe’s biggest challenge is remaining productive when she’s away from her desk; she grabs pockets of time whenever they arise, and often works in breakout rooms or common areas. Corridor Chloe chooses Jabra Evolve 75.

Flexible Office

At Home Hannah
Hannah is a purely remote worker. Because she’s always geographically separated from her colleagues, she often spends a lot of time on calls, connecting with her team. At Home Hannah chooses Jabra Evolve 65.
Huddle Room Holly
Holly functions more or less remotely, working up to two days a week from home. She regularly uses an external hub site to collaborate with colleagues in person. Huddle Room Holly chooses Jabra Speak 710.


Bluetooth Tony
Tony spends his time on the road, visiting customers. He only visits the office to pick up or drop off any supplies he might need to take to his customers, or for the occasional meeting. Bluetooth Tony chooses Jabra Evolve 65e.
Executive Ethan
Ethan is rarely in one place for long, as he’s traveling between high-level meetings. He does have a fixed office, but he’s hardly ever in it Executive Ethan chooses Jabra Evolve 65t.
Did you know

61% of headsets currently being used for work are non UC-certified devices, which reduces call quality for both parties?*

*Jabra calculation based on Jabra Segmentation study, 2017