Unlock the workday's full potential!


Modern workplace with Lenovo ThinkSmart View.

Unleash your PC’s ultimate productivity. ThinkSmart View is a collaborative smart device that works from an individual’s workspace, tackling administrative tasks that waste a PC’s resources. The device works with a PC to “divide and conquer” so you can simultaneously use your PC for productivity and ThinkSmart View for administrative tasks. Think of it as a personal productivity assistant for the workplace.

Your personal productivity assistant for work.

  • Smart starts here –  enjoy greater productivity and easier collaboration & fast, secure, and easy hotdesking
  • Super productivity – with features like the time-saving one-touch Microsoft Teams meeting start and other always-on efficiencies
  • Go Team – friendly, familiar interface for collaboration between team members 
  • Always secure – security and privacy whether in use or at rest



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Get more out of the day.

Your PC alone has limited multitasking capability; free up its resources for uninterrupted productive work while ThinkSmart View handles the collaborative and administrative aspects. It’s easy to deploy and maintain, and expertly engineered for reliable, always-on usage. Plus, its intuitive touchscreen interface—with a one-touch Microsoft Teams meeting start—means no more dial-in delays. Watch your productivity soar!

Conduct better meetings.

Collaboration is a breeze with the voice-ready ThinkSmart View. Use it to engage in voice or video calls without impacting the work in progress on your PC. You’ll unlock richer content-centric meetings with the Microsoft Teams IP Phone app and enjoy clear audio in private settings with powerful built-in mics and speakers. Or use it in public with optional ThinkPad X1 Active Noise Cancellation Headphones.





Enable the modern worker.

ThinkSmart View’s beautiful, user-friendly design works across a variety of office spaces—including your home*, if you happen to be working remotely. It’s flexible enough for hotdesking and common area phone capabilities, including phone booths and other shared spaces. Future updates are planned for the deployment of convenient features such as chat, file-sharing, and more.

Keep private work, private.

Rest easy with ThinkSmart View’s security features. Its built-in camera shutter and mic mute button protect you from being seen or heard when you don’t want to be. When you’re not using the device, it will stay locked with a four-digit personal identification number (PIN), and if they’re paired via Bluetooth®, the device will lock in tandem with your PC.


  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • 20.3 cm (8.0") Multi Touch Display
  • 5 MP wide-angle camera with cover
  • 2 x 360° mics with mute
  • 10 W full-range speaker with 2 passive tweeters
  • WLAN and Bluetooth