Everything you want to know about Managed Print Services with Kristof Neubauer

Efficiency is a common answer when employees are asked about the opportunities for improvement on the work floor. A good way to tackle this is to invest in Managed Print Services. Managing the print environment is a time- and energy-consuming core business of a company. Imagine handing over the entire management of your printer fleet? From the maintenance of the printer, the supply of ink, to contributing to an increased security of your documents. Doesn't that sound like music to your ears? Time to ask our Consultant Printing, Kristof Neubauer, what MPS can do for your organisation.




There you have it again, efficiency. Very important when it comes to business. How is MPS able to ensure the efficiency of the printing process in day-to-day practice?


Kristof Neubauer: "There are currently large numbers of companies that still do everything manually, which takes an enormous amount of time. Simply ask this to the authorized person on your work floor. However, the problem is often that the management of an organisation doesn't realise this. Supplying toners, solving printing problems, there is more to this than anyone would expect. When employees lose sight of the supply of ink cartridges due to other tasks, other processes can come to a halt at work. If our software detects a toner is below a certain percentage, we'll send you a new one without you even realizing that you needed a new one. We make sure there is no need to worry about managing your printing environment. This way, your employees can spend time on tasks that matter."




MPS ensures that documents have a safer passage. Could you elucidate this?


Kristof Neubauer: “So, this is the typical process of printing: You work on an invoice on your computer, you save the document, print it out and your document ends up in the local printer. Everyone has access to the invoice that you have just printed out. By working with smart printers, our service provides enhanced security. Initial steps of the printing process are the same, but you will have to badge before your invoice will come out of the printer. This will safeguard your paysslips, evaluations of colleagues or other important documents. Furthermore, it is also very convenient if you work on different sites. For example, you are in Brussels and are required to go to another office in Ghent. You start the printing process in Brussels, badge at a local printer in Ghent and your document will be printed. Benefit: you shouldn't worry about being late for your next meeting. Our service is location-independent. After 24 hours, the file on the server will be deleted and the process will be aborted. We also offer the possibility of flagging different words using a certain software, because we all have company information that is not aimed for the outside world. For example: someone scans something and wants to send it to an external party. If the print device reads a word that has been reported in advance as sensitive,  the printer will put a watermark on top of the files. The print manager will also be notified."




Another advantage of MPS is the insight you gain through the automation process. How do we put this into practice?


Kristof Neubauer: "Due to the automatic system, sort of a monitoring tool, you can map out the entire printing process. As soon as a service is required, we receive a notification. This allows us to be ready for our customer at any time. Because we do have technicians of our own, we are very flexible. When a customer contacts us to report a problem regarding their print equipment, we check our planning and we will send someone to the customer as soon as possible. We aim for next business day support."



All digital

Digitization in the workplace is a trendy topic. What could be a first step towards moving from paper to digital?


Kristof Neubauer: “If you frequently have to scan documents, they are usually sent to your personal mailbox. Afterwards, you have to download the file, give it a name, create a new folder and categorize it file by file in the appropriate folder. In that case, an automated process would be very convenient. Via OCR (Optical Charactical Recognition) you can fully automate this process. Suppose you have a document: at the top of the page you will find an address, an e-mail address, an input number... Thanks to the OCR software, your printer will recognize these words and will be able to automatically add the document to a certain folder. This way, you can easily put dozens of invoices in the print device and the software program will ensure that these documents are automatically added to a folder. This folder structure can also be created by the program itself. And what is also very useful: Most of us have them stored somewhere in a cupboard, the annual reports. There are mountains of paper and when someone requests a document from a 2012 report, a horrific search begins. The solution we can offer is to digitize these documents, so you can easily consult any document at any time. This will save you time."



Cost savings

Is there another advantage of MPS?


Kristof Neubauer: “Most people take their cartridges out of their device before they are completely empty, fearing that they will run out of ink. We automatically send in a new toner at 5%, which means the toner really is almost completely empty. As a result, there is no loss of ink, which is cost effective. It's important that your employees can spend time on other things than keeping track of the capacity and the maintenance of your printers, MPS can provide that for you. Your business can grow as employees can work on useful things. This ensures time and financial gain. Furthermore, we are not tied to one brand. We make sure that our personal approach always allows us to offer the best solution for our customers."



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