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Collect points and choose your gifts!


How do you collect points?

Every bios® order, starting from € 2500,- and placed during the month of August, will generate 125 points. An additional 125 points are rewarded per extra order value of € 2500,-. (e.g.: a € 5000,- bios® order will generate a total of 250 points).



Already eager to spend your points?

On the bottom of this page you can find 5 different categories with all the gifts you can choose from.



Rather donate your points to a charity organization?

For every 125 points donated, Bechtle will donate € 20,- to a charity organization.You can choose from the 3 listed below. Just simply inform your Account Manager with your choice.





Summer Gifts 2019
Terms and conditions
  • The promotion is valid from 1st until 31st August 2019.
  • Point earnings have to be claimed through your Account Manager.
  • Point claims can be done from 2nd September until 13th September 2019.
  • Claims we receive after September 13th 2019 will be rejected.
  • You deserve points by every order of € 2.500,- placed at 
  • All orders placed via, between the 1st and the 31st of August, will be cumulated. 
  • In case of a return, the total amount will be reduced. 
  • The amount of granted points will not be communicated.
  • Tenders can not be part of this promotion.
  • Bechtle reserves the right to change the gifts.
  • If, through the course of a year, the customer receives one or more promotional gifts from Bechtle of which the total value exceeds € 125,-, he will receive a form 281.50 to add to his fiscal declaration. However, if the customer decides to donate his points to Bechtle in order to donate its equivalent value to charity, this donation shall be deemed to be made by Bechtle. Therefor the customer will not be making a donation that might cause a tax reduction.

Want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager by phone (+32) 11/39 79 00 or email!