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Bechtle hands out
Summer gifts in 2021!

Collect points and choose your presents.

More online revenue = more points

How do you collect points?

Every online order, starting from €2500 and placed during July and August 2021, will generate 125 points. An additional 125 points are earned for each additional €2500 (e.g. a €5000 online order will generate a total of 250 points).


Already want to see on what you can spend your points?

Scroll down for all the gifts you can choose from the 5 different categories.


Why not donate to a charity?

For every 125 points donated, Bechtle will donate €20 to a charity of your choice.
Simply pick one of the three charities below and tell your account manager.

Terms and conditions
  • This promotion is valid from 01/07/2021 until 31/08/2011
  • Points earned have to be claimed through your account manager
  • Points can be claimed from 01/09/2021 until 12/09/2021
  • Claims which we receive after 12/09/2021 will be declined
  • You can claim points for each online order of € 2500 or above placed through your online shop
  • All orders placed via your online shop between 01/07/2021 and 31/08/2021 will be cumulated
  • Should you return a product from a relevant order, the amount eligible for points will be reduced accordingly
  • Tenders are excluded from this promotion/campaign
  • Only online orders placed at Bechtle Direct NV (VAT number: BE0472.542.923) will be cumulated
  • Available gifts are subject to change without notice
  • If, through the course of a year, the customer receives one or more promotional gifts from Bechtle of which the total value exceeds € 125, the customer will receive form 281.50 to add to their fiscal declaration. However, if the customer decides to donate points earned to Bechtle in order to donate its equivalent value to a charity, this donation shall be deemed to be made by Bechtle. In this case, the customer will not be eligible to declare the donation for tax purposes.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager by phone (+32 11 39 79 00) or mail