Unlimited communication through mobile solutions.

New collaboration paradigms are constantly emerging. Just think of how Unified Communications has influenced availability and communication among employees. Or how collaboration tools have linked teams across the globe. Or even how mobile your workforce has become. And who knows what tomorrow will bring? All of these developments pose significant IT challenges.


The upside is that next-generation workplaces will see data, voice and video come together to bring forth even more innovative collaboration opportunities. Preparing your company now will give you a competitive advantage and save money in the long term.

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Benefits of mobile communication:

  • Employees are able to access information anytime, from anywhere
  • Fewer offices are needed, saving you money
  • Employees no longer have to commute to work and save time and energy
  • Employees are more motivated, healthy and efficient
  • Team meetings can be held anytime, anywhere using collaboration tools

Bechtle offers wide-ranging expertise and years of project experience for mobile enterprise management thanks to our Mobile Solutions Competence Centre.


Our experienced mobility experts and IT consultants provide vendor-neutral advice to help you navigate the latest technology. They’ll work with you to develop a recommended strategy and hone it into the ideal solution for your business.

Design and planning in five steps. 

A sound strategy from the start ensures your business will reap the benefits of mobile communication today and tomorrow. Our five-point mobility plan is an integrated solution that simplifies device management while providing maximum protection. Each of the five modules ensures you get the right solution.

1. Plan

Advising you on the ins and outs of your options is the first thing we do. This is followed by a workshop and a recommended strategy for your company.

2. Provide

Not every mobile device is equally suitable for mobile communication. We’ll help you select, procure and configure the right devices, then deliver them to your company.

3. Manage

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile App Mangement (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) ensure your mobile devices are securely and efficiently managed. And SWAP services let you replace your mobile devices quickly and easily.

4. Protect

Mobile communication in particular requires extra vigilance when it comes to keeping your data safe. Secure network access, data protection and endpoint protection will safeguard your company’s information assets.

5. Support

Mobility support is key, especially for employees working remotely. Help-desk services and remote EMM support will assist your staff even when they’re on the road. Warranty and SWAP services are also available.

Make the most of modern mobility with tablet and smartphone solutions.

Tablets and smartphones have become a staple of everyday business, providing employees with much-needed flexibility while also boosting productivity—anytime, anywhere. Countless business applications open up innovative opportunities for managers, sales staff and knowledge workers. As a certified partner of all leading smartphone and tablet vendors, Bechtle will help you securely integrate mobile business devices within your company.


Integrating personal and professional mobile devices.

Mobile employees need access to the right productivity tools on their devices, regardless of operating system. Because bring-your-own-device (BYOD) schemes let staff use their personal devices at work, it’s especially important to stay on top of security and compatibility issues. Although these may be challenging, timely preparation will make it easier to face them head on. Bechtle’s Mobile Solutions Competence Centre will help you dive straight into office mobility—driving your business forward while minimising risk.

Mobility management made easy.

If your company relies on mobile devices, you’ll need a comprehensive strategy to manage them. Some of the key questions to consider are secure network integration, compliance policies and the proper IT infrastructure. 


Bechtle’s Mobile Solutions Competence Centre has scrutinised these challenges and developed innovative mobility services to provide optimum solutions:

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM )
  • Mobile Application Mangagement (MAM) 
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM)

These services focus on securely integrating mobile end devices within your company, connecting them to your network and managing them efficiently. Our certified mobile-solutions experts examine mobility from every angle, including security, compliance, policies and access to business data.


The biggest advantage of EMM, MAM and MCM is that they provide a secure, scalable architecture prioritising user experience. The Bechtle Mobile Solutions Competence Centre also offers:

  • Consulting services and workshops
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Advice on various EMM solutions, which we also provide
  • EMM installation, administration and training
  • Secure integration of mobile end devices within your company’s I
  • Installation of and advice regarding supplementary solutions
  • Project support
  • Training
  • Development of mobile application solutions
  • Service and maintenance contracts

Bechtle’s specialists are on hand to assist you in connecting, operating and managing mobile end devices using market-leading products and solutions. As your IT partner, we’ll always put your business goals first. And our 24-hour support and comprehensive services guarantee easy integration of mobile devices to support your processes.