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As Licensing Solution Providers Bechtle provides licensing expertise to enable cost-effective solutions for applicable devices using both on-premises and cloud based products. It’s important to note that the LSP designation is not just a renamed LAR. LSPs are required to meet certain qualifications, after which they will be assigned an EA Direct Advisor. Together, the LSP and EA Direct Advisor are exclusively authorized to sell Enterprise and Select Agreements (including Enrollment for Windows Azure [EWA] and Server and Cloud Enrollment [SCE]).



The Cloud Service Provider program is perfect for organisations that operate in a dynamic environment. As you buy the well-known Microsoft cloud services such as Office365, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Azure and Dynamics CRM online, directly from us, instead of from Microsoft, you can make changes monthly. This means you pay only for what you actually use – which often saves you money. We work with you to find the best package that fits with your company’s objectives.





Jan Convents

Microsoft Licensing Specialist


Phone: +32 11 39 79 00

Elianne Raets


Elianne Raets

Software Licensing Advisor


Phone: +32 11 39 79 00