Charge your mobile phone on the road

Mobile phones have become our constant companions, allowing us to surf the web, connect with others and receive important calls. That’s why it’s frustrating when the battery runs out with nowhere to charge it. Powerbanks are real lifesavers, keeping our smartphones functional at all times. Depending on the powerbank’s capacity, you can fully charge your battery multiple times, no matter where you are. And that means you can continue using your smartphone even when long, hectic business trips make it impossible to charge your device at a mains outlet. Powerbanks are also ideal for other electronic devices, such as tablets.


A handy, portable external battery

Compact and convenient, powerbanks fit into any bag, so you can take them with you wherever you go. And if you use a long enough cable, you can even keep using your smartphone while it's charging. Find the capacity you need among the various sizes and models offered in the  Bechtle online shop. Charging stations with 5,000 mAh charge your mobile phone twice while 10,000 mAh models can easily supply multiple devices with power. The powerbank itself is recharged by your computer or a mains outlet via a USB connection.


Purchase powerbanks at your leisure at

Our online shop offers premium external batteries from various brands such as Belkin, Hama, APC and many others. These popular USB powerbanks let you effortlessly charge your smartphone wherever you are. Some models feature multiple USB ports, making them especially practical for charging several devices at once, like tablets and mobile phones. Others have a built-in display, so you can easily check how much charging capacity you have left. Explore our range of reliable external batteries and discover which model is right for you.