User interface software

Never underestimate the importance of an application’s visuals and graphical user interface. After all, this is what allows a user to interact with your program. And that makes it a key component of user experience. The elements of a graphical user interface—icons, buttons, toolbars and dialogue boxes—enable access to various features. Their design determines how well your final product is accepted, even more so than the program’s functionality. An application will generally fall flat if users find its aesthetics and user-friendliness to be less than satisfactory. Companies like Infragistics, Telerik and DevExpress offer various useful tool kits to simplify the development of user interfaces.


Tool kits offer many benefits

Comprehensive tool kits such as Infragistics Ultimate offer developers multiple benefits. For instance, they enable the design of high-quality interfaces that underline your application’s intrinsic value and increase user acceptance. By offering a broad range of UI elements, they also substantially speed up your time to market, giving you a genuine competitive edge. In addition, the ability to simulate various usage scenarios helps you identify and eliminate usability issues before introducing your product.


Diverse tools with various features

Before selecting your UI kit, you must be clear on what exactly you need. Progress Telerik DevCraft, for instance, supports Google’s JavaScript framework, AngularJS, while Infragistics Ultimate supports Windows Forms, WPF, iOS, Android, Xamarin, Silverlight and more. Any technical specifications that may influence your decision are available in the product details. Most UI tools are suitable for Windows, web, tablets and other mobile devices. Our product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.