Web development with Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe’s ColdFusion application server is an ideal tool for in-house developers to create web applications and apps. This middleware is available in three versions: ColdFusion Builder, Standard and Enterprise. The platform is based on ColdFusion Markup Language, or CFML, which greatly simplifies the work involved in developing a web application. Considered the world’s first application server, ColdFusion was developed by the Allaire brothers, whose business was acquired by Macromedia in 2005. As a result, the proven platform is now sold by Adobe.


From Builder to Enterprise

ColdFusion Builder supports the entire application development workflow, with several built-in features to boost programming efficiency. You can even use the Builder edition to develop and test mobile web apps. ColdFusion Builder is remarkable for its outstanding usability, letting you customise keyboard shortcuts and benefit from remote project support. The tool also includes smart features to help prevent development errors, so you can identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and security issues early on. The other two editions, ColdFusion Standard and Enterprise, let you create and edit PDF documents from HTML pages. They also automatically detect vulnerabilities in code.


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