Purging drivers from your application servers

One of the benefits of printer virtualisation is that it cuts down on the various drivers cluttering up your application servers. Taking printers off mission-critical servers means they are much easier to install and maintain. In addition, using a single universal driver on the (terminal) server cuts down on the bandwidth used to transmit print data to client components. Once received, this data is unpacked by device-specific printer drivers, located only on client components, to initiate the printing process. Eliminating device-specific drivers on servers also increases system stability, as your system is no longer slowed down by so many different drivers.


Diverse choices available at bechtle.com

Our Bechtle online shop offers a variety of products to virtualise printing in your business. For example, we partner with Cortado ThinPrint, a leading virtual printing provider, and UniPrint. The solutions we carry replace individual, manufacturer-specific printer drivers with a universal, PDF-based printer driver. This allows you to pull-print your documents from whichever printer you choose, adding an extra layer of security by requiring you to provide authentication to access printouts. And because the entire process is universally applicable and affordable, even small businesses can benefit from it.


Selecting the right solution

Our specialists will be happy to advise you in selecting the right print management solution for your company. The software solutions you’ll find in our online shop can be used in any environment, since universal printer drivers by definition aren’t bound to a specific printer brand. Various other features, such as archiving and print statistics, are available in addition to the ones mentioned here. And because print data is compressed up to 90 percent, your bandwidth will be available for other critical uses.