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Bechtle and ARP and join forces to present a MPS solution to the Belgian market!

That Bechtle and ARP collaborate on many levels is not new. And these productive collaborations often bring new developments! ARP Belgium and Bechtle direct Belgium joined forces with ARP Netherlands to provide a solid MPS solution to the Belgian market. This results in an immediate expansion of the print solutions portfolio of both ARP Belgium and Bechtle direct Belgium.


ARP Netherlands will act as competence center and thanks to their years of experience and knowledge in MPS they will facilitate a fast introduction in the Belgian market. A unique feature of ARP & Bechtle's Managed Print Services is that it creates a total partnership that takes care of everything. From hardware advice and the co-creation of the customer’s strategic printing policy to the delivery of printing supplies and repair & maintenance. This ensures that the IT department is burdened as little as possible.


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