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Webinar: Swiss Cube - smarter Weg in die Cloud (German)

24.11.2020: 10.00 - 11.00 am


Dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): According to numerous studies, now is the time to start making the move towards the cloud. Using 360° swiss cube as a basic infrastructure, you have a scalable solution that can be combined with other 360° managed services.



  • Thomas Widmer, Business Development Manager, Bechtle Schweiz AG
  • Christian Just, Senior Partner Manager, Green Datacenter AG
Presentation Webinar Swiss Cube - smarter Weg in die Cloud - 24.11.20
T. Widmer, Ch. Just
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Webinar: Adobe Education - Higher Education (German)

18.11.2020: 10.00 - 11.00 am


Classroom digitalisation with the Adobe Creative Cloud and the Acrobat, Spark and Sign apps.

Bring lessons to life and create simple videos, websites and social media content with Adobe Spark. Anyone can do it! Join our webinar to find out all the possibilities Adobe Spark offers, how it works and how projects can be realised online and in the app.



  • Romain Mercante, Junior Specialist Adobe Education, Bechtle Schweiz AG
Presentation Webinar Adobe Education - Higher Education - 18.11.20
R. Mercante (Bechtle)
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Webinar: Cisco Managed Services - Enterprise Network mit Meraki (German)

12.11.2020: 10.00 - 11.00 am


Secure Network Infrastructure as a Service. In the age of cloud computing, web services and Unified Communications, a secure, powerful and robust network is more important than ever. 360° network and 360° firewall are the scalable modular solutions you need.



  • Alexander Caus, Business Development, Bechtle Schweiz AG
Presentation Webinar Cisco Managed Services - Enterprise Network mit Meraki - 12.11.20
A. Caus (Bechtle)
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