Sophos Webinar: Cyberattacks? I’m not afraid.

Endpoint Detection and Response. Get to know our toolkit with Sophos EDR and our Managed Threat Response Service against cyberattacks with Sophos MTR.


These days, companies face a lot of manual prep work that can take days or weeks, involve the use of standard tools and involve carefully bypassing automated protection systems such as anti-virus software to prepare for the big showdown—data extraction and encryption.


In Sophos EDR, Sophos is providing a tool that enables your in-house security team to scan your network for suspicious events and IOCs (indicators of compromise), before assessing and resolving them if necessary. If you are lacking the resources, expert knowledge or budget or simply don’t want to have your own in-house SOC team, you can simply procure them with Sophos MTR as a 24×7 service.


As a CISO, CIO, IT manager or systems administrator, in 60 minutes you’ll find out what Sophos EDR can offer as a tool against cyberattacks. You should be able to decide if a do-it-yourself approach to setting up and running an in-house SOC with EDR is the best solution or if it is a better idea to used MTR as a service.

Join a live simulation of a cyber attack with the security experts from Sophos. Understand how hackers operate and what they do to get a hold of your data.


  • Sophos EDR
  • Sophos MTR
  • EDR vs MTR
  • Live  hacking


  • Sascha Paris, Sales Engineer, Sophos Schweiz AG
  • Yannick Escudero, Sales Engineer, Sophos Schweiz AG




Date / time.

  • 26 August 2021
  • 10:00 - 11:00

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