Microsoft Azure Everywhere Workshop.

Hold a Microsoft Azure Everywhere Workshop to:

  • Boost your company’s success
  • Respond faster,
  • Save money,
  • Integrate local apps and data.


Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible public cloud platform offering a broad range of cloud services Whether used individually or combined, these services are provided only to the extent of your desired needs and will be billed accordingly. With a guaranteed 99.9% availability, you can:

  • Run applications in the cloud
  • Store and process data efficiently in the cloud
  • Securely and effectively link cloud components to your own data-centre resources or local client application

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Servers and infrastructure available on demand

Deploy virtual Linux and Windows machines, apps, and infrastructure instantly via Microsoft-managed data centres throughout the world—without having to invest in new hardware or large-scale networks. You can use this technology, for example, to begin software projects in a small, inexpensive environment, bringing in additional resources as needed.

Develop unique apps.

Develop impressive Azure solutions using .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python or Ruby. Integrated Visual Studio tools allow your company’s creative minds to develop, debug and run your apps quickly, giving them free rein to innovate without wasting time battling complex infrastructures.

Save money without compromising flexibility.

Pay only for the infrastructure that you need thanks to minute-exact invoicing and integrated automatic scaling. Select more or fewer resources, depending on your requirements, and avoid any up-front hardware and software investments.

Leverage what you already know.

The secret to hitting the ground running is to use existing skills and familiar software such as Azure Visual Studio, .NET, Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint and BizTalk. You’ll also be able to benefit from Microsoft’s end-to-end company support to supplement your own expertise.

Integrate local apps and data.

Consolidate all your applications, data, services, and partners—locally and in the cloud. Azure’s flexible tool kit facilitates all aspects of integration—from linking mobile apps with local branch systems to coordinating B2B payments with partners—so you can expand the scope and value of your existing local systems through hybrid cloud solutions.

Find the right cloud for your business.

Use the cloud services you need.

Designed for openness and interoperability, the Azure platform: provides computing capacity and storage space so you can run applications and store your data in the cloud. It also includes SQL Azure, which offers high-availability relational databases in the cloud. Azure AppFabric lets you the easily connect in-house IT systems to cloud applications using a service bus and access control systems.


Impressive performance for your everyday business.

Real-life examples of how to optimise your business with state-of-the-art technology.

Our first example, an automobile company, leveraged hybrid cloud storage built on Azure to safeguard applications used by dealerships against the consequences of a local data disaster. In addition to benefiting from increased reliability through real-time backups, the company also reduced its data-protection costs by 95%. A global weather service needs a better solution for processing more than 4 billion requests daily. The cloud-based solutions it implemented increased scalability worldwide and accelerated product lead time. IT costs also sank by as much as 40%. Last but not least, a leading European airline wanted to offer new features without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. To enhance its check-in system, the airline implemented a hybrid cloud solution including an Azure-based application to assign passenger seats. This company is now able to introduce new features quickly and affordably thanks to the increased flexibility and scalability of its infrastructure—and that, in turn, has increased customer satisfaction.

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