Adobe Sign – Fast. Secure. Simple. Anywhere.

Get signatures – On any device.

Now you can get those important documents signed on the same day with Adobe Sign. Get a convenient, modern way to sign electronically
that can be used both in your company and for your customers. A 100% digital workflow that’s secure. Fast. Secure. Simple. Anywhere.

Your benefits with Adobe Sign.

In 2019, Adobe commissioned market researchers, Forrester Consulting, to carry out the Total Economic Impact of Adobe Sign study. Make sure you don’t miss out on the benefits of Adobe Sign.


Key findings.

Higher ROI.

Enables ROI to increase
from 2.8 to 4.2.

Faster cycles.

Accelerates the signing process
by a factor of 28.

Time savings.

Approx. 1.5 hours saved for
every transaction per user.

Cost savings.

Up to €481,000 saved annually
on printing and postage.

Fast and concise processes with Adobe Sign – Bechtle digitalises signature management.

In the past, forms and new employee contracts were sent out on paper, but since autumn 2020, Bechtle Schweiz has been leveraging fully digitalised processes with Adobe Sign for a whole range of HR tasks. By doing so, the complexity and effort required for this crucial work could be significantly reduced, candidates benefit from a user-friendly on-boarding experience, HR teams gain in terms of productivity and insights and Bechtle can position itself as a future- facing employer.



Signing made easy.

Adobe Sign makes it easy to prepare and send documents for e-sign. And it’s just as easy for you, your customers, and team mates to sign them—just click, tap, or swipe. Faster sales cycles and end-to-end digital signing processes positively impact customers and employees alike.

Still unsure? Take a look at our five-part Adobe Sign video series and see for yourself how easy it is.

Better service while saving time and money.

Let your customers complete forms online and sign electronically. It simplifies processes and saves customers valuable time. Turn existing word documents into web forms that customers can sign with legally valid, electronic signatures.

Let customers make payments in your forms.

Adobe Sign makes it easy to collect payments from customers as they fill and sign forms thanks to built-in integration with Braintree and Paypal.

Differences of Sign in Acrobat and Sign as single product.

Adobe Sign offers many opportunities to digitalise legally-compliant signatures.

Using the VIP licensing model, Adobe Acrobat DC already has some Sign features covered such as getting individual signatures, preparing forms, storing signature documentation and even sending documents directly from Office 365 programs to be signed.

However, if you are looking to personalise the process with your branding, use a shared document library or embed Adobe Sign in one of the over 60 available business applications (e.g. Salesforce), then you need Adobe Sign Enterprise, which can be licensed as a single product. Take a look at a more detailed comparison here.

Flyer Adobe Sign.

Adobe Sign – Signing made easy


Adobe Sign – Feature comparison


Adobe Sign for higher education


Adobe Sign for schools & school associations


BEvirtual - video.

Adobe Sign.

Looking for a solution to manage signature and approval processes in the home office? Look no further – Use Adobe Sign. This cloud-based enterprise solution enables secure and legally binding signatures from desktops and mobile devices. You can also create a workflow for signing procedures, where you decide who will sign which document and when. Signing made easy – Fast, safe and from anywhere with Adobe Sign.  

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Areas Adobe Sign can be used.


  • Contracts
  • Orders
  • Partner agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Custom orders
  • Quotes
  • Change requests


  • Supplier agreements
  • SOWs
  • Orders
  • Calls for proposals
  • Contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Change requests


  • NDAs
  • IP licensing
  • Contract management
  • Policy management
  • Compliance
  • Document storage
  • Audit completion


  • Employee induction
  • Applicant NDAs
  • Employee guidelines
  • Holiday requests
  • Employee agreements

Build Adobe Sign in to your existing tools.

Integrate Adobe Sign into the tools you’re already using. What does that mean? You can send documents for signature straight from Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Dropbox and other third party applications. And linking it up is really simple. Below you’ll find more information on how to integrate Adobe Sign. Adobe Sign Integration.


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Push notifications.

Thanks to notifications, you’ll always know exactly where in the process your documents are. And when you need it, you can also send reminders or find out when a form is about to expire.

Anywhere. Work on-the-go.

Track and complete signing processes on-the-go, any time, via the Adobe Sign app. Mobile working


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