Apple financing.


Financing that’s as unique as your business.

With innovative financing options, Apple Financial Services make it easier than ever to bring Apple products to your business. You’ll get perfectly matched products and services exactly when you need them. Apple Financial Services keeps costs low by building in the future residual value of Apple products up front. With flexible upgrades you have complete control of your upgrade timeline. Transparent, uncomplicated conditions make the whole experience simple and worry-free.

The following three innovative Apple Financial Services financing models make it easier than ever to bring Apple products to your business.

Option A


Leasing / Device as a Service

Just use, don’t own: Stay flexible with the Device as a Service option and always use the latest Apple devices and services and third party products* for a small monthly instalment. Savings of up to 37%*.

The DaaS model for enterprises puts the focus on IT use. You don’t own the devices or software, but pay a small fee (monthly, quarterly, annually) to use them. Apple products have a high residual value which is why you’ll save up to 37% leasing instead of purchasing. After the contract is up, just return the device and replace it with the latest models available on the market under a new leasing contract.

* See conditions and legal note

Option B


Use now, pay later

This model is based on Leasing / Device as a Service Option A, but gives you the opportunity to pay later.

Option B allows you to conclude a leasing contract that has a term of 24, 36 or 48 months, depending on your needs. The difference between this model and standard DaaS Option A is that this model allows you to use your device as quickly as possible but not to start paying until after a deferred payment period. You’ll get the devices in a snap, but start paying three months after delivery at the earliest.


* See conditions and legal note

How much does Apple as a Service cost and how much can you save?

The examples below show how much you could save compared to a regular purchase.

Total for 24-month lease:
  • MacBook Pro / MacBook Air (2020 model): 63% of purchase price
  • iPad Pro (2020 model): 72% of purchase price
  • iPhone 11 / Pro / Max: 77% of purchase price
  • Other products available on request.
Total for 36-month lease:
  • MacBook Pro / MacBook Air (2020 model): 75% of purchase price
  • iPad Pro (2020 model): 83% of purchase price
  • iPhone 11: 80% of purchase price
  • Other products available on request.
Sample calculations:



Apple MacBook Air 13 M1 16 512 GB
Grey (2020 model)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 WiFi + Cell 256 GB
Silver (2020 model)

Apple iPhone 12 256 GB

Purchase prices excl. VAT

CHF 1'325 (100%)CHF 1'385.03 (100%)CHF 973 (100%)

Monthly instalments

CHF 34.71CHF 41.73CHF 28.23

Total for 24-month lease:

CHF 833.04 (63%)CHF 1'001.52 (72%)CHF 677.52 (70%)
Apple MacBook Pro

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Apple MacBook Air

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Apple iPad


Apple iPhone


Conditions and legal note (*)

  • Leasing is only available for Swiss-based commercial customers and sole proprietors in business for at least two years. Private individuals are excluded.
  • Minimum leasing value: CHF 2,500 excl. VAT. The sales price (excl. VAT) serves as the calculation basis.
  • Cost savings of up to 37% for leasing over 2 years.
  • Leasing through Apple Financial Services, no hidden costs. Standard term of 24, 36 or 48 months, at the customer’s discretion.
  • Apple Financial Services requires all information from the customer in order to verify a leasing application. If these are not available in full, it may not be possible to verify the application.
  • All data and information are handled and processed according to usual banking standards.
  • A leasing option cannot be agreed if it leads to the consumer becoming overextended.
  • Before the end of the contractually agreed leasing period, Apple Financial Services will contact the end customer to offer the following options in writing: retain the device at market value, extension or return.

We work with Apple Financial Services to put together the best financing solution for your business.

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