Apple readiness assessment.


Boost employee productivity with Apple devices. 

No matter if you are only just starting to integrate Apple products or you already have some in use, our senior technicians will make sure you are ready to support the growing number of people in your organisation using Apple. We work closely with your tech team to carry out a thorough evaluation of your environment and identify the best way to manage your devices.

Quickly get the best out of your Apple ecosystem.

Speed is of the essence, which is why we give you immediate feedback on site and a detailed report of recommendations within two weeks. The process includes:


  • Initial remote calls to prepare and plan first steps
  • Up to four days of hands-on discovery sessions with your tech teams and other stakeholders on the management of Mac computers and iOS devices.
  • An in-depth final session on the most important findings and appropriate recommendations
  • A formal readiness report that is customised to the needs at your site and based on our insights, processes, tools and methodologies.
  • Up to four hours of subsequent online mentoring
  • Progress review six weeks after the final session

Benefits of the readiness assessment.

Working together with Apple, we combine on-site and remote services to:

  • Deliver Apple and industry best practices through an APS technician
  • Evaluate your IT infrastructure
  • Train your team
  • Give direct feedback
  • Create a clear, focussed readiness report with actionable recommendations
  • Plan milestones for implementation and next steps
  • Deliver an Apple integration scorecard

Readiness assessment topics.

  • Apple device deployment and management
  • Security
  • Analysis and compatibility of all important applications
  • Directory services and single sign on
  • E-mail
  • Network, WLAN and VPN
  • Collaboration
  • Backend infrastructure
  • Employee productivity
  • User experience
  • Implementation and management of applications
  • Self-service models
  • Help desk and support


The readiness report is completed within three weeks of the on-site session.

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