IBM Cloud Satellite

IBM Cloud Satellite.

A game changer for managing cloud services.

Use IBM Cloud Satellite to integrate your own data centre into the cloud. With this configuration, your applications will run where they are best in relation to regulatory requirements, compliance standards, data speeds and network latency requirements. The Cloud Satellite solution is compatible with all major public cloud providers.

How does IBM Cloud Satellite work?

With IBM Cloud Satellite, you can use a single API to create an IBM Cloud Satellite location and then add host machines from any cloud—be it your on-premises data centre or the edge environment. You can then use IBM Cloud services anytime, anywhere, with the ability to implement your workloads in these environments consistently to manage and control them.

This means you can now use Red Hat OpenShift on-premise in the IBM Cloud without having to acquire the necessary expertise to manage the OpenShift Platform version lifecycle. Using Kubernetes and container technology, OpenShift lets you focus on building your application, while the infrastructure is provisioned for you via the IBM Cloud and managed by IBM. With Satellite, businesses get the full range of IBM cloud services and the ability to work on their existing infrastructure and the flexibility to scale the infrastructure they need tomorrow.

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How can you manage your applications in distributed environments?

IBM Cloud Satellite Config provides a global view of your applications and enables steerability over configuration and application deployment. From a single dashboard, you can manage the deployment of Kubernetes resources across the cloud, on-premises and edge environments to gain global visibility into your apps and operations.

How can you manage your network traffic?

With an integrated IBM Cloud Satellite Link, you are able to control and audit the network traffic and communication flow between your sites. You can also use IBM Cloud monitoring and logging services to consolidate your logs, metrics and alerts.

How do you access IBM cloud services?

Each IBM Cloud Satellite location is connected to IBM Cloud via an encrypted TLS tunnel called "Satellite Link”. You can securely access the link in your IBM Cloud Satellite location using IBM Cloud services. Likewise, IBM Cloud services can be used with the same security and compliance processes as in IBM Cloud.

The evolution of the distributed cloud.

When referring to IBM Cloud Satellite as a distributed cloud, we are talking about the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations where the maintenance, management and further development of the services is the responsibility of the public cloud provider. IBM Cloud Satellite provides consistent cloud services in any cloud, on-premise or at the edge, and also gives companies flexibility in developing the technical solutions through which they reach their customers.

With Satellite, IT professionals can perform critical operations on demand in private or edge environments while monitoring and managing cloud services and applications in a single view.

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