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It’s time to level up: IBM Cloud Automation.

Many decision makers are currently facing the challenge of cutting costs, while simultaneously lowering their company’s risks and adding value. Simply moving all processes into the cloud is not going to solve all these issues. The key term here is automation. 

Most working methods are still very traditional. Future-oriented companies are using automation and AI to reinforce their strengths, balance out weaknesses and enable their employees to focus on what’s really important. They are always on their toes, with optimised delivery and provision of services, allowing them to provide seamless continuity on dynamic markets.

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The digitalisation of work processes and AI provides the basis for:

  • scanning millions of data in a fraction of what it would take humans to do.
  • autonomous decision making and continual process improvements.
  • the coordination of human and machine tasks, enabling employees to collaborate most efficiently.
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Grafik Cloud Pack for Automation 2250x1650

The IBM Cloud Pak for Automation includes the automation software you need to start creating and deploying modern automation applications and services—built on a common analytics layer that gives you insights into your operational data and productivity. This IBM Cloud Pak also integrates with IBM Robotic Process Automation to support routine task automation.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Highly repetitive, routine tasks waste valuable time that could be used for more important tasks, like finding creative solutions or working in a more customer-oriented manner. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software bots to automate highly repetitive, routine tasks normally performed by knowledge workers.

IBM Robotic Process Automation with WDG—a component of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business—provides additional automation while complementing RPA functions. The solution can be used to meet your immediate requirements towards task automation, and has added functions that make your RPA bots even more intelligent and agile.

Use these bots to coordinate workflows, integrate bots into business rules and decisions, manage content and collected data—all to help you reach your business goals more efficiently and effectively and then use this information to set new, more scalable and innovative goals.

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More productive, cheaper, precise and efficient.


Increased productivity.

Leave highly repetitive tasks to available bots and tweak them for more precision and better results by adding rules—leaving employees more time to innovate.


Reduced operating costs.

Cut costs by automating routine tasks and using your employees’ expert knowledge in areas with more turnover.


More precision.

Increase precision by automating and hence removing human error from simple tasks such as data entry.


Scaled to fit.

Reduce or increase the amount of bots at a whim, and sprint ahead of the competition by providing an automated, scalable customer experience.


Shorter development cycles.

Optimise processes linked to software development cycles—reducing the time required for tasks and potential human error by providing new automation functions.


Less dependence on IT.

Allow business users to create their own RPA bots and automation functions in a matter of hours or days—without any IT skills required—so that your IT can focus on different areas.

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The IBM Cloud Pak™ for automation is the only cloud-based native automation platform with a certification for the market-leading Red Hat OpenShift platform.

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