IBM Power Platform.

Power Systems have been developed for the most demanding and data-intensive tasks.

The IBM cloud-ready servers help you gain an in-depth insight into your data pipeline—from managing enterprise-critical data and analysing your operational data and data leaks to using artificial intelligence.

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Simplified Multi-Cloud.

With IBM POWER9-based Power Systems, you can dynamically scale processors and storage as needed and create a cloud that is designed for data-intensive workloads.


Integrated End-to-End Security.

IBM Power Systems have security integrated on all levels—from firmware and processor to operating system and hypervisor. The hardware encryption integrated into the chip protects your data during processing and storage. PowerVM® is the only hypervisor for which no security-relevant vulnerabilities have yet been reported.


Proven Reliability.

Today’s world demands reliable enterprise-critical servers that ensure continuous operation. For the twelfth year in a row, IBM servers have been classified as the most reliable by ITIC and are industry leaders for enterprise servers with a maximum availability of 99.9996% (2.1 minutes / server / unplanned downtime per year).


ITIC 2020 Reliability Poll

ITIC 2020 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report



Industry-leading Value and Performance.

Did you know that the IBM POWER9 processor powers the world’s fastest computer?
This is the same processor you can use to drive your business forward. No matter if you make the switch from an older Power Server or x86 to POWER9, the performance gained for most applications is considerable.






IBM Power Systems: Your Unfair Advantage.

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