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Modernise Data Centres with VMware.

What does a modern Data Center mean for your company?

As IT organisations consider their existing data centre environments, they are facing challenges on multiple fronts. Many are grappling with legacy systems that can’t deliver the agility and flexibility businesses require to thrive. IT departments also face shrinking or static budgets that make it impossible to reliably meet business demands with traditional infrastructure models.

In some cases, line-of-business organisations are deploying public and hybrid cloud services that can deliver agility and flexibility to solve issues that internal IT organisations cannot yet address. However, public cloud adoption can create operational cloud silos and compliance risks. IT needs to find ways to offer services seamlessly and securely across private and public clouds.

To keep pace with escalating business demands, organisations need an agile, service-oriented IT model for data centres that leverages both their on-premises data centre resources and public clouds. Not long ago, highly dynamic, available and programmatic compute, storage, network and security services could give businesses an edge over competitors. Today, these capabilities are simply table stakes in a challenging landscape. Organisations need to move forward rapidly on their journey toward an agile, flexible and modern Software-Defined Data Centre environment—or risk being left behind.

VMware’s software-defined architecture of natively integrated compute, network and storage virtualisation technologies, together with automation and management, enables businesses to modernise their infrastructure, automate the delivery and management of IT services, and run modern cloud-native and microservices-based applications.
This innovative, software-defined approach delivers cloud service provider agility and economics in the data centre, and extends to an elastic hybrid cloud environment. Modernise Data Centre initiatives include Modernise Infrastructure, Automate IT and Deploy Modern Apps.

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Modernise Infrastructure.

  • A modern infrastructure built from software-defined compute, storage, and network virtualisation or with a hyper-converged infrastructure stack allows flexible, agile, secure, and cost-efficient delivery and management of applications across private and public clouds.


Automate IT.

  • The delivery and ongoing management of modern cloud infrastructure and applications must be automated for IT to become a more agile and strategic partner to business.


Deploy Modern Apps.

  • New cloud-native applications often leverage container technologies and microservice-based architectures. These applications change frequently—release cycles are measured in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or months. Other applications require open APIs and run “bare metal” such as predictive analytics applications. And emerging IoT applications demand additional specialised provisioning, security and operational requirements. IT must offer the best infrastructure for the application to deliver the optimal business outcomes with the security, agility, reliability and governance the enterprise demands.

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