VMware digital workspace.

Give your employees the ability to work anywhere, while enjoying a smooth and secure experience.

The digital workspace is a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT, so you can deliver the apps and data employees need to work across any device. By taking advantage of today’s cloud-based management technologies, digital workspace solutions deliver self-service, out-of-the-box experiences that scale across platforms, locations, and device ownership models.

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Traditional or modern management, which to choose?


As the workforce becomes increasingly dispersed, the IT department must continue to fulfill its primary mission: to connect and secure PCs so that employees can access the applications and services they need to stay productive and perform at their best, wherever they are. 

But many IT teams are finding that traditional PC management just doesn't cut it.
It doesn't provide the agility and security needed to support employees anywhere, quickly and consistently.



Offer a motivating experience to your employees.

A unique experience - from on-boarding to off-boarding.

Providing an integrated digital workplace is a priority for organisations to overcome the challenges of the employee experience in the age of the 'anywhere' organisation. By providing a unified workspace, on any device, with the information that enables IT to measure the employee experience, organisations can support secure employee productivity on any device, regardless of location.



Virtualised desktops and applications.

Fundamentally transform traditional VDI environments and applications - with integrated VMware Horizon and VMware Horizon Cloud solutions. You'll experience unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scalability - all at lower costs. Multi-cloud control tiers allow you to have an architecture and cost model that is perfectly suited to your requirements.



Safe and easy access to applications.

Increase productivity and provide your employees with secure, password-free, device-independent single sign-on (SSO) access to SaaS, mobile, Windows, virtual and web applications - all through a single application catalogue.



Information base for the digital workplace.

Aggregate and correlate data from across your digital workplace to gain valuable insights, perform analytics, and fully automate routine IT tasks to improve user experience, increase security and lower IT costs.



End-to-end inherent security.

Built-in zero-trust security for all users, applications and endpoints creates an interconnected, least-privilege system that empowers employees without affecting security. With the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, you get endpoint protection that scales with your business. Thwart attacks with this solution that, by analyzing billions of system events, understands what is normal in your environment, prevents attackers from abusing legitimate tools, and automates your investigation workflow to respond effectively. 


With Bechtle and VMware, you can benefit from :

A single platform for the implementation of the digital workplace.

With the VMware Workspace ONE platform, you can easily and securely deploy and manage any application on any device. It integrates access controls, application management, and endpoint management across all platforms and is available as a cloud service or on-premise deployment.



Modern device management.

Move beyond traditional management silos to securely manage operating systems via the cloud. Modern management is based on a cloud-based approach that supports automated guidelines, patches and updates for physical and virtual Windows 10 desktops as well as smartphones, tablets, Macs and Chromebooks. With this approach, you can reduce costs, improve security, and deliver a great user experience to your employees.

Zero Trust Security.

With Zero Trust security, you reduce risk, automate error resolution and improve the employee experience. Zero Trust is based on the premise that companies should not automatically trust anything or anyone, either inside or outside their perimeter. Everything that wants to log into the system must be verified before access is granted.



Need strategic advice on setting up your digital workspace?

Providing secure and productive workspaces for your employees working anywhere has become a necessity. But easier said than done, customers are struggling with perimeter-based security and management structures.

Don't miss the keynote at VMworld and learn about VMware Anywhere Workspace, an integrated solution that enables endpoint management, endpoint protection and SASE technologies.

You'll also learn how Anywhere Workspace enables your distributed workforce to have secure and seamless experiences, and your IT teams to benefit from the power of ruthless automation.


VMware Horizon 8.

The leading platform for virtual desktops and applications.

Simplify the management and deployment of virtual desktops and applications on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration.

VMware Workspace One.

The intelligent digital workspace platform.

Provide your employees with a flexible digital workspace without sacrificing security and control and manage any application on any device.

VMware Workspace One Intelligence.

The modern platform that provides visibility and automation into the workspace from anywhere.

Gain robust visibility into security risks and employee experience through automation engine-driven dashboards and reports.

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint.

The endpoint security solution that scales to your needs.

Implement the zero-trust model with fewer tools and silos, integrated and distributed security with your user, endpoint, workload and network control points.

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